1. I'm well Connected, my AMBLICAL CORD is attached firmly will never let go as Lord led me to the Altar AMI. Sanaz, Shayan, Lee & all whom I intercepting for. We honour our end time Prophet Papa Alph Lukau & mama Celes Lukau ❤🥰🙏& the Bishop & disciples ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  2. Yes I will try with my lawyer is not when I have everything and I have to try with my lawyer if and when I have so much problem I don’t have to make myself and in town I don’t have to put myself down I have to and enjoy with my life I have to know I have a God of my life I would enjoy because God is a God is always God you make everything happen even your passenger so much when you have so many but is still going to help you whatever it is it is it alive today isn’t that when you’re when did it come just say but today I am going to kill myself because I’m not gonna do nothing because everything I do is no good what is it’s not true because you don’t have to think about that because you still haveAmen I receive it

  3. Ism Isaiah 55 verse 11 so shut my word be that goes forth off of my mouth it’s hard not to eat then told me my tummy forward my phone but it shall accomplish that which I please and is shall process and the thing where or two I sent it it’s just like just like this in the king get out in there and the family and the family of David

  4. God to give us strength you watch with us to have to change he want us to continue on with what we’re doing and where in he want a song to continue what we do and not stop it’s like when you when we’re playing when we ask when we keeping accent and don’t stop and put in God celebrate God… Together God will give us a problem and keep continuing twin nonstop because everything you asked God if you were there and you need God you need something in your life and your family life I think you have to continent way with God in all you do is is isAnd where we shall always continue to be with God and we waiting for God we love God and he give us a strength and to be continuing to do what we have to do and to be quickly in God because if we listen to our God what did he say we can go far from here we can be more for what he had for us

  5. Wait thank you our mother for wonderful as you are you’ve been blessed every day every moment every second you’ve been blessed all day because you always shower in the wood off of with us do you would you have a new life you’ll share it with somebody else where are your children we love you so much we care so much as you care because we know you care so much you are a wonderful woman with God and God chosen you to be and I love you and I think God for you only you make me here today and make me listen to my daddy when he talk to me I can listen more because you know it’s sometimes when you try so much sleep but you don’t know what to do no more but God always sendingGodsend and your mother to be a model he said and you to be a love your son and you to be a quitter it’s sunny it’s in you to be a wonderful woman made a wonderful go to your mother I love you so much and I bless you and God be with you for life amen

  6. Yes we are blessed because we have a Moses and I live we have a king of our life after God it is up with us of him and make everyone wonderful we love them so much we care about him because for what he doing for us in life it was good God is good God is it been since he was little boy got to send him because no one like a father no one I may be don’t know a father better but I know sexy hot little boy maybe go to St. James Cecilias Lidl it that’s why he be like this it was a good man is the best man no one can if they have as a father is it is do you know it’s so much and him everyone need to know because it’s so goodAnd it’s so gritty and greater and think that thank you Daddy for you being the best thank you Daddy for you being best for the best with the best and Jesus push his name thank you Lord amen

  7. Mamma Mia bless you I love you and I came to seeing thank you for all your prayers and you’ve been on your knees all the time to pray for us and to be wonderful to the gym and thank your mother and wonderful wonderful as you are as a mother bless always be with you and thank you for your Bing the model of sign and I love you so much for the beautiful beauty as you are and God may God be with you make out with the humidity peace of God be with you in Jesus precious name amen

  8. But I love you and I thank you for your business I thank you for being the best dad in my life and I thank you for you being a college me all the time and thank your dad for wonderful dad at souvenirs for me and thank you dad for you teach me things I don’t know in my life now I think you so much and God and Lord for you been giving me a father to call father and I bless you for my heel and I bless you for making for my Moses and I bless you for everything you’ve been through in my life thank you my Daddy in Jesus precious name may you live long amen

  9. Yes mommy we love you we have receipts you we love you so much we care so much about you you are a wonderful mommy you’re the mommy go to Zen Forrest we think God for weed within God for what he giving us this year is you because you are a beautiful beautiful my God and I love you so much and I thank you for your always put your need to go into Subway for us to pray for our family and wonderful go to your mommy you are a blessing you are a blessing by God you all day everything by God because God loving you so much you’re the life of God you are LA fun of everything because you do so much a mother because you share your food with us if you days you share everything God share with you you share with us you love us so much and you always have but I am give us if. To be with God and I thank you for that for you being blissfully been growing in Jesus name and model of saying the more day of life the more they got chosen to be I love your mother I love you for a few days for a few seconds for every moment in the hive may God may the peace of God bless you more maybe peace of God always be with you and Jesus I pray amen

  10. Yes God maybe should I agree to all go to all and any more of God and I think God to make that it happened and I will I’m off both of you and I think God for him make that first to us and to put into here God son and talking to us and he gets on what are you doing for us yes it is is it’s our father who been killed so much for us whooping given already have just for us to be because he just put it in the ground all the time in the end just to pray for us and to let us something and somebody tomorrow but some thing we don’t know nothing about what could make or daddy choosing Daddy in to help us and to treat us what we don’t know for me I don’t know nothing I don’t know nothing I’m just trying to know what a father pushed me so muchAnd want me to be his children and I thank you for my father I thank you for quit out it is for the Hilo it is for the most is it is and I bless God for it how far I love you and I thank you for the best you are I think you for you being a best father in Jesus name amen

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