1. Hi Dr Berg my wife suffers terribly from asthma, food allergies (salicylate) food allergies where she can hardly eat anything . She used cortisone for most of her life for her skin as she suffered terribly with eczema. About a year ago she decided to stop using cortisone and now suffers badly with TSW with frequent breakouts. Can you advise ?

  2. Hi Dr. Berg, great content as always. I’m taking your adrenal & cortisol tablets, trace minerals enhanced and your electrolyte powder. Just want to double check that I’m ok taking these together daily? Many thanks

  3. Only 6 months of healthy keto + intermittent fasting = 30 pounds (13,6 kgs) lighter and steatosis (NAFLD) changing from severe (level 3) to moderate (level 2). Thank you so much Dr. Berg, Dr. Sten Ekberg and Dr. Jason Fung, you all have been so important in my life as source of real information/inspiration. I'm still at the beginning of this journey, but it is amazing to feel I am at the right path, at last.

  4. I tried to make it on time 😓 I was too late. Any thoughts on chloride oxide? A famous biochemist from Germany "Andreas Kalcker" have an extensive research on this subject. I would love to know your opinion on this subject.

  5. I watched a video of yours where you advise not consuming any type of grains – but having celiac I use to eat corn and rice which do not contain gluten – what should I eat then (in addition to oat) if I stop rice and corn, noting that I have a constant problem with my colon. Thank you for getting back to me

  6. Dear Dr Berg. A lot of your content is being introduced by ads for vshred. He pretty much is the antithesis of everything you advocate. Can you explain why he is wrong?

  7. You care about the health of body ,we have to care about the health of soul .I wrote you many times to try reading avaluable book (quran)..you are growing old ,yet God accept you if you come back to Him as abeleiver in One God …this is the best offer you can get in life beleive me..try

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