1. everyone should keep a baggy with durian in it famously known for its pungent smell just to give the cop something to get their big nosy noses into how is it eluding he stopped when the cop caught up and lit him up so no eluding

  2. Is this a promo ..or just a false flag event, real ? ..it probably not be posted ..IDK ,, I'm in the Netherlands observing .. it's easy .. 6 seconds delay and I see you live..WHY is this taking so long ?..It could be done in 5 mins , if stupidity was a virtue .. these fools are making a science out of it

  3. Cops world wide are in fact criminals who follow orders without thinking because as we all know 99.9% of the criminals at lar are very stupid individuals ; and when in pack's, well, videos show the incompetence.

  4. Can you imagine how much this mentally deficient thug got away with in his so called career And probably was never prosecuted for any of us just just went to the next town over and got a job

  5. It took the Good Apples along time to investigate the criminal with the badge. The Good Apples are on the side of criminals that they employ in their police departments.

  6. There is nothing wrong with pulling in to a well lit place! The boy states he never knew the cop was behind him several times, the cop just wants to convince himself and the boy of his narrative! He should have called for medical attention for the boy just to be on the safe side and then proceed with the rest! And if the young man knew his rights and knew to seek medical attention just to make a record about the cop using force and a knee to the neck! It is always important to document everything! Because cops only document what they want and not always the facts! Glad he followed through with the lawsuit!

  7. After reading the biker his RIGHT to REMAIN SILENT, cop asks questions & biker replies. NO! NO! NO! Cops can & WILL use what anyone says AGAINST them. Regardless, glad to see motorcyclist received his DUE settlement for this EX-cops obnoxious behavior!

  8. His fat ass was on his neck. You can hear the kid ask him to get off his neck. There was absolutely no reason for him to approach that guy like that. And I loved watching him fall on his ass when he tried to snatch him off the ground. 30 year career, huh? I can only imagine the lives his lies ruined over that many years.

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