LBC buys deadly 21-inch blade to expose loophole in 'pointless' zombie knife law | LBC

This is the terrifying 21-inch knife that LBC was able to buy legally on the internet for just £23.49 due to a bizarre loophole in the …


  1. This is just a tool. If you scarry, that means that you have a problem with yourself. In my country- Poland- I can collect knifes and I have them over 50. And yes, I can carry a knife every day. It is normal, and nothing illegal. It is just a tool. Really useful by the way…

  2. Bunch of pu$$ies. I can buy legally without permission a gun like .44 cal revolver or even .50 cal handgun. I own one of these and few big knives. So what's wrong with this? I think those idiots in studio should demand to disarm the army and police force. They have more deadly toys.

  3. Nie zesrajcie się. Co to za propaganda. Jak się boisz to na jakiego huja kupiłeś, trzeba byķo sobie na kartce papieru narysować a przy poziomie twojego kretynizmu na 100% i kartką papieru się skaleczysz.

  4. hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha. DON'T go to kithen!!!! there is scary word. glas,knifs, steal , long & short, what a horror area and it is IN 3 m from your TV room – in the midle of it – SHE – MISTESS OF all yours territyin dreams. YOUR wife. Whether your wife beats you with a whip often?

  5. Boys already „shait” themselves in this radio booth? 😂
    Two clowns pretending to be grow men scare of a tool used most commonly to cut cocnuts xD

    „Soooo scary, oh hiw scary, a tool! Uh huh, scary”

    Clowns… 🤡🤡🤡

  6. I understand that people in mental hospitals or prisons are not allowed to have potentially dangerous items. Is most of the people in UK either insane or with criminal background?

  7. I have an honest question for the brits in the comment section, how prevalent are knives in the United Kingdom?, most of us here in the states think every Nigel is carrying a Bowie knife or something

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