1. He is absolutely right about obesity. But yeah he still continues to lie about vaccines. I think rogan knows he ain’t right but he feels cornered and doesn’t want to ‘lose the argument’ or admit he was wrong. I bet he vetoed so many doctors of his audience.

  2. BOMBS AWAY: ROGAN Cuts loose about cover Health issues. He had enough sanctimonious comments from unhealthy people. (If this is with Andrew Neil, I used to see him often in London's West End at my favourite Restaurant, drinking his way through one or more bottles of red wine, while often dining alone. It took me years to clean up my own health from those times. Maybe he did too, though I doubt it. LOL)

  3. I'm 58, 5'10" and 172 pounds. My preferred diet is cheese burgers, chili cheese dogs, steak, pizza, pastries, ice cream, black licorice and sugar. But I don't eat like that anymore, now I eat bowls of rabbit food aka veggies and severely limit what I prefer to eat, to the point I only get ice cream once a year, on my birthday.

    I only mention this because I am sick and tired of being the COVID bad guy because I am not jabbed. I had Delta, it was like having a cold, except for the putrid taste / smell thing that lasted a couple days.

    It's not my fault others try to live life without consequences, those who ate, drank and smoked themselves to multiple comorbidities. That's on them, not me.

    They need to take some personal responsibility and leave me the hell alone.

  4. Considering the volume of his platform, Joe should further stress the lack of safety efficacy data for these shots & how the long-term effects are unknown for something that's being shoved down our throats. Rogan should also call out Australia for doing the same, after he finishes calling out the lunatics running the show in America, Europe, etc.. all majority white countries, btw.

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