1. Trespass is not an uncommon charge for homeless people, and can be as simple as them seeking shelter in an empty lot or building. The flare gun and assault on an officer are far more concerning. Even if it has a mental health issue behind his actions, when mental health issues escalate to endangering themselves or other people, it is not kind or safe to dump the person back on the street again.

  2. Our government failed both these individuals. Shawn was clearly failed early on in life to not know any other way but a life of crime. His family failed him and this is the end result. People voted for the policies that kept him going in and out of jail in hoping that people like this would reform at some point in life. By the time someone gets to this stage in life trying to put a bandaid on deep rooted issues he has isn’t going to resolve it. Innocent victims like the young woman who was killed will be the price society pays for this. I think by the time we get to looking at criminal punishment as a means to “help” the community it’s too late. We need to look at what factors can prevent someone from ever getting to the point of being a criminal.

  3. You can fix this in 2 steps and its very simple.
    1- stop voting blue
    2- pass a law that will allow the victims families to SUE THE DA who let people out KNOWING they will be a danger to the PUBLIC!! and charge ANYONE who put the public in DANGER such as judges, lawyers, DAs, etc.

  4. Someone paid $50K to get this trash out of jail. Meanwhile millions of hard working people can barely pay bills. That $50K bond should be forfeited to a community organization where it can do some actual good.

  5. This sounds like he was running from charges from another state. He tried to get a new life but homeless and broke it couldn’t really be done. He had to be violent before. Nothing other than the flare shot into the car shows he is violent. These are petty crimes he was arrested for in CA and they don’t show he is capable of this kind of violence. Is he a schizophrenic ? Because that illness actually decreases the brain size.

  6. death penalty issue, he needs to not exist anymore to hurt anyone. Self Defense on behalf of the community and young ladies… He could be a serial killer, first kill, or who knows how many he has killed already? Get rid of the ghoul.

  7. I don't see you talk passionately about blackWomen getting murderedBy whiteMen all the time in America.
    Not saying this is justified, but obvious the conservatives and those who date outside black community think they stopped being black when they do so…
    Obviously the man is mentally unstable if he has multiple assaults. In America, these men are subjected to drugs experiments in prison system and in the environment after they were released.
    No support system post release… nothing to help them get in life in their lives.
    Right into the streets.

    All in all I feel sorry for girls of all colours in America… no where you are safe.

    Better walk around with a gun in your purse because politicians want usdead, our babiesdead, our mothersDead and everyonedead and gone .
    They can solve this problem easily… but they wouldn't. Why would they? They will killWithout any vaccine……
    You are a girl or a boy protect yourself in places as such. Stop being naive.

  8. And the acts of the DAs that propagate the rise of criminal confidence due to repeatedly letting dangerous criminals free force communities to live in fear. Then the DAs feign surprise and indignation when community members take up arms to protect themselves, their families and communities – and then DAs will attempt to press full extent of the law against “vigilantes” and cry about justice for the criminal “victims”.
    Yes. In cases like this, it is definitely the responsibility of the DAs who protect violent criminals over and over again.

  9. 1. Police defunded.
    2. No punishment for shoplifting.
    3. Felons released onto streets.
    4. Smash and grab robberies escalate to Rodeo Drive.
    5. Police, and gang affiliates warn people against visiting LA due to crime.
    6. Trains are hijacked, and robbed. Rail company says it plans to leave LA due to crime.
    It's not just LA. Seattle broke its record on murders. Portland has broken crime records. Businesses are closing permanently in San Francisco due to crime. In Chicago, after defunding police Lori Lightfoot blames the store owners for being robbed and looted. District Attorneys refuse to prosecute. People are fleeing cities, and states due to these policies. Do the Leftist Democrats, Woke, and Antifa want to destroy this country?

  10. Thank goodness he’s been caught. I hope Kupfer’s family sues the hell out everyone involved in het murder. This didn’t have to happen. So sad for this girl.

  11. BLM has already started a crowdfunding for this genlte giant who should be abled to shoot and stab any white person he meets. Smollett and Don Lemon are also donating money for this victim. The USA is sick and needs to split up.

  12. Prisons are full of grown children who refuse to grow up. They cannot live as adults, must give them food, shelter, medical care for life, or they will commit worse crimes until uncle sam understands and keeps them.

  13. Just an awful injustice and tragedy for this girl and her family. The worst part is that the people responsible for this obvious malfeasance will never serve a day. Sooner or later this will happen to the wrong family who won’t swallow it.

  14. LOVE the thought of DA's, etc. being held responsible/tried for negligence+ when released criminals then go on to commit even more heinous, aggregious acts!!

  15. If you dont know, you only have to pay 10% of your bail up front. For example, that $50k bail, he only had to pay $5k of it. $732 is only $7.32 bail.

  16. The dad looks like one of those liberal doofus's who votes to go soft on criminals. Probably still will.
    And a "call to action"? A vigil?
    THAT'S your call to action?
    They will never learn. Smh

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