Hash Flavors For Dayz – @thecenter.co

www.patreon.com /matthias710 Thank you to @thecenter.co for always making sure we have the best flavors of hash here in …


  1. Grape nerds by laser at is my favorite rosin Iโ€™ve ever smoked.. I gota try that nerd pappy or whatever it was that cross was papaya cake and grape nerds and sounds like heaven from lazercat

  2. Hey buddy, hope you see this and have the time to respond. First off I love your content and you help me so much on my dark bad days, I have watched every single video of yours. Anyways, how do you prefer to clean your banger? I just q tip after but I see and hear you using iso. Do I throw the banger in iso right after my dab while still hot? Do I a tip it first? Hope you have a blessed one bud

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