1. Hi SARKAZZ new subs here, my husband interested in your
    Sour green hemp gummies
    We would like to know what the “Soyr hemp gummies can cure what illnesses… he was diagnosed diabetes 2nd stage kidney disease and he needs to get back healing for his health.
    Thanks and Godbless your channel.✌🏼yoooh

  2. Thanks Sarkazz, Ecigs just crossed my mind..cheers, Have a great week, speaking week, I gotta get another MRI on my back tomorrow, had one done Fridays on my Cervical, Now one on my Lumbar, that's How my week is starting off…BODY GOING THROUGH SOME THINGS, Take care of yourself, it's the only one you got…cheers!

  3. WOW, I am so surprised that their nothing being said about this product, made to look like sweet gummy bears and saying things like, it's contributing to kids… Sorry Sarkazz I shouldn't went that route, your running this show, but the ecigs just crossed my mind. Great product Sis!

  4. I wish I like gummy things, but I can't do it. The feel of it in my teeth🥴I can't do…but if it works then eat the whole bag😂😂 lmaoooo. 🤙🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💨💜

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