1. How will the ban be enforced?

    The state, relying on district offices and local health departments, will be responsible for carrying out compliance inspections of retailers.

    Any individual or entity with ownership in a retail, distribution or manufacturing company accused of selling banned flavors could face civil penalties of up to $2,000 per violation. Retail employees accused of selling prohibited flavors could also face civil penalties. Under the ban, a violation can be issued for each individual unit of flavored e-liquid that is possessed, manufactured, sold or offered.

  2. Yea, Youtube was slacking today in these notifications. I was at werk. You so sweet Sam, you always do giveaways. I can't say much about that situation with that child though, its just sad. Have a great weekend SamπŸ€ΈπŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ’¨β€Ό

  3. Hell Yeah HOMIE just give us both eh cause im pretty cool and look good in Gumboots and a Mankini and i tried your salmon recipe, Unfortunately i gave some to the bull dog and i suffered 5 hours of stink farts and burps" never again, I could of filmed it if i had won a sony fire stick thing camera vape " Yay

  4. #enterme If I win the fire stick I would donate it to the shelter so we all can use it in the shelter we have two community TVs so we would definitely use it. As for the camera I do have a YouTube channel but working on my papers and living situation so I haven't posted video in a year. Thanks for this opportunity SARKAZZ!!

  5. Hi Sarkazz that camera would get me started! I've been think about starting a YouTube channel! A firestick would be awesome as well. Sorry i missed the live stream, my notifications was not on. Anyway have a good day at work. Although i enter alot of giveaways i never win. Somebody else got my luck! Peace!!!

  6. Thanks for your generosity, if REALLY love to have a camera so I could make some videos. I've got an old note 4 and it's camera doesn't work. Ive already got android boxes for my tvs. I reset the bell, so hopefully I'll get notified. But I'm on the west coast and I'm not even out of bed when you go to work. Legally theyre not even supposed to arrest a kid under 12, unLess they've done something like really bad like murder or bringing a gun to school or something. A 6 & 8 year old has no idea about right/wrong or jail. The cop who arrested her actually broke policy, because they're supposed to ask their supervisor if they should arrest a kid that's under 12. Hope ya had a good Friday. Stay well and vape safe.

  7. Good morning!πŸ‘ So glad that the weather is changing, better on me physically and mentally with less chronic Fibromyalgia, and back pain. About the child being arrested yeah they should've called the parents to see what was going on with the child, thats the right way to pursue it. By the way, I must have missed something but what's up with the tweezers…. lol Have a great weekend, and looks like you are…cheers Sis!

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