1. Well First off She is a HE! Another part of this Crazy Movie trying to wake more Sleepers Awake! Amen Poppy! Yes about President Trump and the Military! He had to Make the Jabs! Or there would have been a Cival War! I believe some of the Normies came here with the plan to leave the Earth Plane, Because without the Dark, You can't see the Light! I believe Cirsten is in Protective Custody! Bruce there is no such thing as a genetic illness, you only create it. nothing is genetic. don't create it! Create you are 100% Healthy!

  2. I think it's wrong to have someone in our US Capitol taking the Lord's name in vain (as Fauci did)..no matter who it is. But then, there's blatant disregard for our Constitution as it is so I guess it's just more of the evil in our world making a mockery of Jesus Christ and those who choose to do satan's evil deeds.

  3. Hi Poppy. Recently found your channel-was looking for news of our Beloved Cirsten. Thank you for streaming Gene's Memorial service. Love listening to your news reports.
    At your 19:47 mark, you played a broadcaster who spoke on that wicked one, Gigi. I recognize that voice which was a youtuber who hasn't posted on her channel in many years. I wonder if this is her with a new channel. Could you please tell me who that is or link to that? She was such a great truther who gave so much in-depth videos then disappeared. Thank you.

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