COVID-19: What are the legal rights of unvaccinated workers in Canada?

Workplace vaccine mandates are becoming increasingly common and controversial amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with Canada’s …


  1. Since the vaccinated are getting Covid, and are more likely to be spreading it with light or no symptoms, what is the rationale behind vaccine mandates? Oh, right….it is nothing but spitefulness and authoritarianism…..I forgot.

  2. 2021

    Great Question:
    As a nurse so succinctly put it;

    Why do the protected

    need to protect themselves

    from the unprotected

    by forcing the unprotected

    to use the protection

    that did NOT protect

    the protected in

    the first place.

    is you believe this, pass in on, please

  3. Newsflash: Vaccinated people transmit and get COVID. I know first hand because family and family members of friends currently have COVID and are vaccinated. So these mandates are OBVIOUSLY not about health, and not about COVID. It's their goal INJECTING that vaccine to everyone that's why they're inconveniencing those who decide not to be injected.

  4. Well this was refreshing global, maybe a little more of this would be good, show us you still have some unbiased journalism left in you, or you will end up like CNN 🤣

  5. Canada's going to hell in a handbasket just because our prime minister has a mental illness and nobody is taking him to see a shrink this is crazy I can't even see a doctor anymore 6 months wait it took 6 months for my mail to arrive now the truck drivers need a vaccine they won't be able to bring the toilet paper on time anymore 🤔😢

  6. Re: UIC Regardless of whether one is entitled to benefits or not, if the snivelling servants involved don't want you to collect, they will break the law, ignore their own rules & procedures and outright lie to deny your claim.

  7. I hope you read this one question that I can’t get answered our daughter is immune suppressed my husband works in a workplace that does not enforce a vaccine requirement we are both triple vaccine does he have the right to asked to only work his shift which is in the kitchen only ever with one other staff member busy allowed to ask if that one staff member that he works with is indeed vaccines? It doesn’t really seem fair that he is putting our immunocompromise daughter at risk due to having no choice but to work with a non-VAX person this is a question we plan to ASK however In order to know if they would consider that I justifiable reason to leave his employment they would have to he would have to already have left his job and then apply

  8. I see everyone in the comments missed the lawyer's comment about "Government Mandates". WHEN the Federal Government implements a "VACCINE MANDATE" across Canada there is no need for a Legislative Change and EI will be DENIED. It is very important to listen to the language used and stay up to date with the Federal Government's agenda.

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