Ask Psychic Annette Dion (Jan 13, 2022)

Psychic @Annette Dion answers questions about: Natural things to combat Covid Future treatments for autism Learning to use a …


  1. If they can build a car from hemp in 1941 by Ford, then surely they can build all containers from it. They grow hemp in several fields outside of our little town in Nevada.

  2. Oracle of Whimsey said NOT to keep your money under a mattress—She explains this in one of her videos last month. It has to do with the government suddenly have laws tracking money to prevent shell accounts & oligarchs using money to cheat & money laundering to undermine governments that international billionaires use to avoid accountability.

  3. On one of the Ancient Alien shows they had a voice recording of John Glen shouting "what is that? Do you see those lights?" To Buzz Aldren. My husband and I watch that show all the time. Anyway, right after John shouted that the feed was disconnected, because NASA realized it was public. Very interesting show

  4. In regards to the astronaut seeing an actual alien….it was shown on an episode of "Ancient Aliens." I remember seeing it there. Unfortunately, there's way too many episodes to sift through to find the actual one though.

  5. Time to wake up and smell the canabus = how does Gov. control the market ???? ** through laws and regulations = Big pharma !!!! Do we have a choice ? { Cannabus is Sacred medicine { . } a very Honored one !!!!!! take ptsd. research on the matter !!!!! we're like a bunch of sheep being led to slaughter = We have to start thinking for ourselves = the time of corrupt mis*information needs to end = to save our HOME = " Blessed MOTHER EARTH " = Look deeper and You will see "HER" as "SHE" truly IS <3 ( ps = Cannabus is showing signs of covid relief * for many !!!! Gov demonizes anything it can"t control { . }

  6. My niece has Asperger’s Syndrome, has come so far, even socially. She has a 160 IQ, achieved PhD in neuroscience this past year & has a great career now..also gifted in visual arts and composes/performs music (it’s rather “alternative” 🎶 to me, but I’m older so🤷‍♀️..still proud of her!) Thanks for addressing this subject.

  7. As far as the pendulum goes it works for me you just have to practice with it and trust the pendulum and yourself as you have said I do not consider you a fake I think you’re very good thank you for being on YouTube.

  8. Paul Stamets is the brilliant scientist who has studied mushrooms, fungi, for his whole career. He says that fungi can digest our different wastes! Also, another perspective is yes, plastics ARE ubiquitous but scientists and inventors are working to produce biodegradable plastics. Senator Whitehouse ROCKS!!!
    Q: what is the future of curing hypothyroidism which is at an epidemic level. Women are prescribed a medication simply on a preliminary blood test. Talk about the cure being worse than the condition. Synthroid is horrible for the system!

  9. On April 9, 2018, Live Science reported that; A viral story that's making the rounds online claims Buzz Aldrin, the famous astronaut who traveled with Neil Armstrong to the moon aboard Apollo 11, somehow proved via a lie detector test to have seen a UFO in outer space. Let's be very clear here: This is flat-out wrong. (Let's be clear here, I believe that there is some truth to that, because some other psychic said, he was told by a Raptoid that do not come back here on the Moon because this our base. I also believe something happen that frighten him.)

  10. I’m sure that anti vaxers and won’t put a vaccine in their bodies but be thrilled to put marijuana in their bodies. Pot is a drug. IS a drug. Available to anyone of age in Canada. Being used in treatment modalities. No studies – no clinical trials on safe dosing. by body weight etc. but people are spending a lot of money to these companies. And they swear gummy bears are the best things out there. Even though kids have overdosed on gummy bears thinking they are candy. Ever seen gummy bear heart drugs? This world is crazy. And people are the craziest. I lived through pot heads and how they lost their livelihoods and friends. Sorry. My pet peeve . A drug that needs more study for safety

  11. It is said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience .Can you clarify this ? what is the extent of this human experience if it is true .What about people who have murdered, robbed, attacked other people etc. Thank you

  12. My husband and I have the bug that study was done here in Oregon at OSU I gave him some hemp oil and it did make him feel better just took the edge off I don't have it as bad but I started taking the hemp oil before for pain and sleep

  13. Missed live but I watch in the am with my coffee. Just started a D3 K2 supplement and sleeping better. Thank you for addressing Autism, I do believe in their spiritual gifts. You guys are a hoot! 😊

  14. I use Activation products (not affiliated, satisfied customer) for K2/D3 drops, seed oils, sea minerals etc. also give hubby with Alzheimer’s THC gummies

  15. I enjoy your show so much! This one was particularly amazing. Listening to you both is like listening to two friends. Both of you have wonderful senses of humor. I was giggling along with you (not about your answers, Annette, but about some of the hilarious things you say — and you too, Kory.) Can't wait for the next one.

  16. And this was a great video. You do a great job Kory of asking questions and keeping it on track. It’s nice when something makes you laugh. Annette I love your answers

  17. I have switched to detergent sheets for the washer. They come in a recyclable box. Yesterday when I went to the store for and got dishwasher tabs that are also in a cardboard box. I bought glass straws so I didn’t need disposable straws. I use cloth napkins. I’m certainly not perfect but I keep trying.

  18. Questions for Linda G and Annette for now or future videos. Choose the most popular ones. Liz Cheney lead a new faction of the GOP after the January 6th Commission report is released in time for the 2022 mid-terms? Will Hilary Clinton make a comeback for the 2024 election? How will Ghyslaine Maxwell fair in prison? Is there a threat on her life? Will Prince Andrew settle with Virginia Guiffre out of court? Will any big names be revealed in the Epstein/Maxwell case? Will Biden run again in 2024? What is the future for Kamala Harris? Will Stacy Abrams win as Governor in Georgia? How will Beto O’Rourke do in Texas? Will Betty DeVos snd other supporters of the January 6th insurrection be charged and brought to justice? Will 45 be found incompetent to go to trial if charged for any of his crimes? Will 45 spend the rest of his life in a psychiatric prison if found guilty of any of his crimes?

  19. Mercury in retrograde – one can expect problems with technology: cell phones, computers, printers, etc. Make sure your messages get through and don’t go missing. Be patient if something breaks down.

  20. Your pendulum just shows what your body is showing you. So, of course your body is moving. You can see this by standing up in a relaxed way and putting your hand over your heart. Make a true statement and notice how your body moves. Then make an opposite ridiculous statement. Your body will move differently. The pendulum simply shows this movement more clearly and faster. Use statements first, not questions.

  21. First rumors of covid came out of China in December 2019. The WHO and countries started addressing covid in February 2020 with lockdowns starting in Canada in March 2021.Vaccines started to arrive for roll out in Canada at the end of March/beginning of April 2021.🇨🇦

  22. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th astronaut to step on the moon said he saw extraterrestrials not on the moon, but confirmed that they have been present since Roswell, and claims he has met these extraterrestrials who are here for peaceful reasons, ti basically stop nuclear war that we seem to be headed towards back in the late 40's 50's and 60's.
    No one has attempted to debunk his disclosure.
    On another subject, back in 1996, Patricia Cota Robles wrote a book that stated time was excelerating. At thst time she said that Spirit, or as she calls them, " the beings if heaven," had told her that 24 hour day had been compressed into 16 hours, and was going to continue until ascension, which we are very close to now.

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