Active COVID-19 cases soar in B.C., long lines for booster doses

In the past 24 hours, 16 outbreaks have been declared in the province’s long-term care, assisted living, and acute care facilities.


  1. This is about totalitarian control NOT about safety or your health. This is EVIL presenting as virtuous. USE YOUR DISCERNMENT and realize the media is a mouthpiece for a very dark and very evil agenda. MASS NON COMPLIANCE. End government overreach and tyranny. We do not consent to mandates and de-pop measures. We the people stand strong together and love each other! The divide and conquer agenda will NOT work with us

  2. When are these morons gonna finally get it?

    These boosters, the marks, the social distancing, the vaccine passports all got us to where we are today. Which is a mess.

    And yet, these lemmings still follow along. Are you gonna wake up when you finally lost everything?

  3. <Having all those people next to each other for hours seems like a good idea. Tell me more about the 3 deaths. Were they old people? Did they have any comorbidity? Great reporting.>

  4. Maybe the federal government should have used the money to expand healthcare?
    But NO…
    Besides, if we expanded healthcare to relieve nurses; the union would want their mafia cut.
    We’re doomed; time to move on.
    Enough of letting cancer patients and others die..
    Socialized healthcare is a mesa

  5. The history of automobiles is not called " autobiography ".

    Liars world uses lots of deceptions.

    Air port is not a window.

    For some reason , plains and trains are spelled differently.
    But both transport…
    Tranes and planes…

    I see the language of deception for how it is written.

  6. You can't be saved ..
    Not even gods can save you..
    Liars rule you .
    Humans have become thier own enemies.
    The madness on earth where religions need profits .

    I know what's wrong with humans.
    This is not thier world and are very sick from trying to adapt to earth.
    It slowly drives them mad.

    If you study human history .
    You see the madness they become..

    Don't worry human , your secrets are safe with me …
    Trust me , nobody in the galaxy wants humans or be associated with them…

    One of the universal laws is crazy can have a home too.

  7. Long lines just like the so called overwhelmed hospitals? Spread unnecessary fear from every angle that's the message I take from the media. On a positive note omicron is very mild and they know this but decide to spread fear instead. Bring back the laid off health care workers!

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