1. I might go down south to see what Dublin is like at least your laws are more progressive. Up in the north the laws are still following UK outdated laws with drugs so we are stuck with parliment.

  2. I first read about Brownie Mary in HighTimes issue early last year. I thought your brownie protest was a great shout to her and highlighted the story in Ireland. I've been to alot of march's and protests and am a member over on Crainn as well other groups. I'll stand behind you all the way mate . Unfortunately good and bad opinions exist everywhere. Many would have called what Mary was doing at the time a 'stunt'!
    Edit: Also.. Manu Chao Clandistino album

  3. And that's why I don't do Reddit or any of those style platforms. To me this Crainn lot 90% of them are probably the too posh to protest kind, they have the keyboard warrior way of going about their business. I follow them on insta and it's all just simple stats and stories that are already well known.. I think they had something bout naming and shaming back awhile ago oh and they announced they signed up to "The European drug activists organisation blah blah blah" be more in their line to be worrying about their fellow Irish citizens and joining together with all of us on the island to end prohibition. I don't know what their aim is really cos I don't see much action from them… I wouldn't be too worried about them anyways Martin, actions speak louder than words!!!……

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