Why Rappers Are REALLY Scared of Young Dolph…

Why Rappers Are REALLY Scared of Young Dolph… Welcome back to Watch On Loop. Today on the channel, we are going to talk about Why Rappers Are …


  1. Rest In Paper KING!!! I play your music and watch your interviews every day soaking up knowledge!! Hate that happened to you but you’ve gained your wings now. FLY HIGH & WATCH OVER YOUR FAM & YOUR LITTLE ONES & GUIDE THEM UNTIL YOU MEET THEM AGAIN 🕊🕊🕊

  2. Rest In Peace. They tried in 2017 & 2019 but these bastards succeeded in taking you out KING. I’m so sorry Dolph. Praying for your family and especially your kids. Be there Angel now KING. Not that you weren’t their angel when you were here. Damn man Rest up🕊🙏🏽

  3. It’s sad that black lives don’t matter when we’re the ones doing the killing,jealousy and envy is a disease to my people that we can’t seem to find a cure for.It’s sad that when you’re broke and your star is dull it’s all good to those around,but the minute you’re star take off and you start getting to the bag the hate gets magnified.Whoever thought that being independent and chaseing your dreams could also put a death sentence on you.Our people before us went through hell and back to fight for the freedoms we now take for granted ,smh that all are great black leaders sacrificed their lives only for us to disrespect there legacies like this.This mess is sick and depressing how this disease has affected us,no wonder you don’t hear much about the kkk anymore there sitting back laughing while we exterminate our own damn race.

  4. Gotti the type of person you can do well, not better than him. Instead of supporting other music in his city he’ll sign em, if they don’t he hates on em & diss em.

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