War of words between Governor Wike and Nigerian Army over accusation of illegal bunkering

War of words between Governor Wike and Nigerian Army over accusation of illegal bunkering SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: …


  1. Yes, my dearly beloved brother Wike !
    I love you you with all my heart and soul.

    I pray to the God of Israel to protect you from the all evils that the devil and his agents will plan against you. I ask for The help of the Lord Jesus-Christ through The Holy Spirit to be upon you and your family, in the Holy Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ !!! Amen !

  2. Is Buhari not corrupt??? Nepotism is corruption. Gov. Wike have informants in the military. All he is saying is the truth. The Nigerian military is very corrupt. Check out what happened in the elections, ballot box snatching, killing of innocent citizens. Check out the fight against boko haram, the same corruption is bringing it backward. We should not be biased.

  3. Governor wike at his level will not go ahead and levied such a very weighty allegation against the Goc without a proof. He is the chief security officer of that state and he has his information.

  4. Everything is possible in that country Nigeria. If the goc is working in hands with cas, then the Chief army staff can prep the goc to take over from him, because his interest can be protected.

  5. Of cause the security agencies/agents abet in the bunkering.The equipment used in bunkery can't be purchased by the poor locals but by rich folks.security agents only out you if you don't settle them well.the navy escorts the vessels of the bunkers. Force HQs control everything.

  6. Am watching from Paris and I feel that today's discussion on journalists hangout concerning Wike's allegations was not well handled at all because it looks one-sided. The journalists weren't objective and it seems they were biased. They spent time passing judgements and defending the GOC without finding out if the accusations are correct or not. I think gentlemen of the press own the public a duty to ensure balance analysis of every situation without taking sides.

  7. Jide take it easy, you have affirmed that soldiers get involved in bunkering and I’m telling you now that it’s done brazenly open, the soldiers sell their illegal fuel in the public and brandish their wealth openly, they even go by aliases like OIL MINISTER, and there is no way that the military heads would not be aware!!! Take it from a barrack boy

  8. Trust me wike May have a point here, I grew up in the barracks and soldiers get involved in bunkering and make a lot of money, people end up praising them and seeing them as heroes, soldiers and bunkering is not new to Nigeria, they are always proud and arrogant and even given names like OIL MINISTER

  9. Wike is a natural born liar and a rogue politician that wastes public money like somebody under influence of curses. A Nigerian army general is credible than Wike in all situations. Governor Wike is nothing, but the people thief

  10. How terrible have you reduced journalism to! How much did the GOC paid you to dedicate all of the 0ne hour to defend him. Why not give Wike benefit of doubt? Why dont you go and investigate? This was not the journalism I left in 1995.

  11. Wike is right to accused the Nigeria Army of oil bunkering in his States. You can't do that oil bunkering without their consents.

    Why can't the G. O.C. be transfer from Rivers State?
    Babajide you always support this worst government I am not suprised.

  12. Can anyone really be neutral in critical issues like security in this nation? Is oil bunking striving in Nigeria? Can it really strive without the aid of the security? Do we still have investigative journalists in Nigeria? Will they be safe if they come out with the truth? Mr. Jide please stop talking from both sides of your mouth. U were in Okrika yet the Governor is making allegations.

  13. Babajide…see how he's talking about this president, u'll think he's talking about obama. Babajide and this useless charf of a journalist re shithole envelope journalists…enemy of nigerians.

  14. Jide the Tinubu boy, Always attacking Gov. Akeredolu. Your knowledge is deficient in the subject matter you re debating. Growing medicinal Cannabis in a controlled way should be a welcoming idea. Stop attacking Akeredolu

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