Police: Construction Worker Raul Guaman Charged In Shocking Sex Crimes Against Women On Long Island

A Long Island man is accused of sexually abusing sleeping or unconscious women while he posed as a ride share driver; CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reports.


  1. Oh no, you mean to tell me R apists also cross the border, not just sweet kind people. Wow, I thought life was just about raindrops, gum drops, and jelly beans.

  2. I'm always surprised at the bitter comments when the story is about a hispanic person committing a crime. We are all people, don't think Americans are saints. Just watch the history of Samuel Little a "good American" with at least 93 woman raped and killed. Violence against women is everywhere literally everywhere. Raping and abusing women has been here since the dawn of humankind it doesn't leave any culture or country out of the equation.

  3. Out of billions of human beings on this planet maybe 1000 are TRULY healthy HAN BEINGS. Unresolved trauma reigns supreme. From the cops investigating this case to the man charged with this crime everyone has residual scars from childhood.

  4. It's shocking but not for me. I personally believe that those women who works 90% are certainly raped but they don't report it. Woman in any country is not 100% safe. Asia, Europe or USA. Same problems.

  5. Wow! These women should not ever do ride share, because you do not know who that other person is! I do not believe in ride-share "hell no"! He did it! a creep, sexual abuser, just disgusting!

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