New FMCSA Release of Clearinghouse Rulemaking Guidelines

New FMCSA Release of Clearinghouse Rulemaking Guidelines In this Live, In Mrs. Jerri fashion, she discusses and answers questions about the …


  1. I currently have a class A permit and I have a violation in the clearinghouse I dropped my class A do to the lack of knowledge after I got my violation so I dropped it but the DMV said they will not stop me from getting my class A back but so now you are saying that has changed?

  2. I drive trucks for USPS. I currently have a refusal on my record, because my Supervisor waited until I was off the Clock to send me for a random (3rd Random in 60 days) I was put in a hard situation because I have to pick my 5 year old daughter up from School and I absolutely couldn't be late. I have never gave a dirty test or refused because I dont do drugs. I simply had to go pick up my child and had no one to help me out.

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