Maj Toure TELLS THE TRUTH about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial

BlackGunsMatter Founder MajToure joins us to discuss his thoughts on both the KyleRittenhouse and AhmaudArbery trials. Also we will check in on the BGM …


  1. I totally agree with Mr. Toure. If you look at the footage that explains it all. It was self-defense. However, with Aubrey they hunted him down like an animal and they deserve that guilty verdict. Rittenhouse shot when he was attacked plain and simple. Maybe if it had happened to a black guy the role reversed the black guy wouldn't have gotten off but with all the videos I would pray that a black guy would have gotten off.

  2. Maj that doesn't give you a sense of distrust when you can see that footage but they wouldn't allow the other footage of his alter-ego LOL the alter-ego that goes and participates in white supremacist situations we just go make him out of a lily-white innocent boy really come on now let's elevate the fact that the judge allowed emotion that the defense put into not show those things that were negative but allow the things that speak on his positive speaks volumes of a system that will throw away things when they want to for certain types of people and keep it in there for others pay attention the young man I can't recall off the top of my head if the young man in Kenosha that was shot by the police was before let me find out first hold on that's what I thought Jacobs Blake shooting is why folks had come down to Kenosha so Maj what are you talkin about that this was not a black and if you look at everything I'm looking at various sources legal document Courthouse documents and the permits brother the reason why folks were down in Kenosha is because of the Jacob Lake situation how can you say you are for black people and black causes on the black YouTube channel where we try to promote B1 first and you are clearly articulating that there was no reason for them to be down there brother and I'm doing the brother thing because I'm trying to refrain my mind and my heart to clearly see you as a sambo a enemy or coon because I don't care there are many individuals that have gone into the treacherous and they doing it for the people but yet and still they do counter things things that weekend because their complacent in there Beckham play Civ with their material and their lifestyle and they feel they've risen above get color and I get it so like what is Frederick Douglass was like with the white female living with him or I think his name is Jack Dempsey the boxer date white women to make individual jealous but these men end up destroying themselves because of the premise that white is better is within their being I love is love but you don't parade it around when it's insulting to A system that is there to oppress you and then it turns a bite you in your back side because those things that you think are the most elevating things in this world are not until when it comes crashing down because we haven't been a true solutionary as we speak on what as react then it becomes clear and utter hyperbole we lived a lie and so I have to say brother in order to contain what I'm envisioning and what is coming out of your mouth as such utterances of like why I like so brother the situation is that those protests and I will reiterate protest there were legal permits for this protest for the shooting of the Blake young man so individuals came from near and far for that Injustice I'm a black man and yes maybe there were groups that came into fluster the situation just liking the major cities that we have seen in that you spoke on in this video however doesn't matter your statements are that there was nothing of a black nature for them or anybody to take on the premise that they took on and that is a hyperbole the conjecture you given this interview is such that not only is it showing an oppressive side towards the actual individuals you say you want to uplift and I completely believe in facts 2 truth or truth to facts because it eliminates insecurities breeds all kind of file things and I get a lot of what you were saying earlier in this interview a lot of media propaganda however that's what American Media does pushes certain that genders and propaganda it's always done that take a Collegiate journalism course or an advanced journalism course and listen to these professors talk about the manipulation of the media with sensationalism in and propaganda so what makes you think the video that you speak of that you say sit in a subjective way showed facts know that's what testimony is for clearly the videos were manipulated to the point where your conjecturing that this wasn't a black issue they were there because of Blake4 to 6 days before and the protesting did not propagate the riding eluding different groups whatever stragglers stayed on or followers or whatever energy came on afterwards was a whole different energy than the energy that was there for the purpose of protesting against the police brutality of Jacob Blake

  3. I will agree I do have first-hand in secondhand knowledge that a lot of the FBI surveillance and the local police surveillance show that maybe not the way you describe it but there was a lot of activity from White individuals whoever put all over the country and major cities where neighborhoods are being gentrified was to lower our values of our property it was crazy and the first and second hand account of this will by individuals that are heavily melanated skin tone folks that were coming into secret meetings or you know private meetings I can stay secret for very private meetings and they are in law enforcement federal state and local levels in so yeah you are very correct in that and for that matter alone there should be a little bit more scrutiny is how we speak on these platforms or how we even pull things out into the open that's why your view on The Rittenhouse thing is somewhat possibly a lot eschewed skewed which leaves us at a disadvantage because if it quacks like a duck walks like a duck then it may be a duck or a setup to make us believe it's a duck and that part is very so much of what America does and we have to watch that expression platforms like this if you are astute of the possibilities that they set up these organizations what make you think that that this Rittenhouse thing is not the same note f the videos the testimony speaks volumes ijs let me say this awesome I love individuals with different perspectives especially those that are in the same ethnic group it shows that we are not the same in thought and deed and that is a great thing because it allows us to have manifestation and various aspects of our world however that can be destructive when we are not in the realization that there are system setup to oppress us from leveling up not just in America but all over the world people of heavily melanated skin tones are being oppressed and those that are safe and they make it and they have the finance in the position they become bigots themselves like the supremacy or the oppressors that they work for so be mindful because from whence you come you cannot forget and I get it we want to be comfortable we want to leave how we feel in this echelons of materialism and excellent but that can't happen if our brothers are at the Wayside and the youth to be misguided so dissimilar to your synapses that you gave in Chicago horrified at like be mindful I get it you know our leaders and this is one of the reasons why I keep everything in the background our leaders have to show discipline and restraint on their vices and their ways of weakness

  4. Well the funny thing is whether it was in Philly Baltimore Milwaukee many of us realize that we didn't have as many faces and places that we could trust to secure our neighborhoods because some of us foreshadowed this and we spoke and groups and individuals said where we're going to stay out because we're fighting entities that we can't tell who's who so I will thousand percent agree with you that folks like the proud boys and these other Anarchist groups were coming in and basically defiling neighborhoods that one were already being gentrified and note that I said in another comment that there was this energy from billionaires conducting social political experiments in this one particular guy billionaire guy does this on a regular and so we realize that there was this social experiment being done as we speak and you couldn't catch the elders up in the community or the businesspeople up no one actually everybody thought some of us was speaking in the sort of a conspiracy theory way and they didn't want to assist let the authorities handle it you know the whole time certain people are apart of the police authorities in other areas of the country or the surrounding areas right so let the authorities handle it LOL are we really going in that direction we are not going to protect our communities and our businesses with some of us did we said fuck that shit we're going to do something and so saying that to say we are only a certain number of individuals you can only do but so much like I stated in my other comment one of my Residential Properties in an area that they are trying too heavily gentrify note there are different types of gentrification but I'm speaking of what I call Rachel gentrification where it's a whole different race trying to move in in these subtle but yet overt ways. I know an oxymoron

  5. First of all Jeff Bezos and the other guy we're the ones that manifested for social engineering the black lives matter concept and organization let's get that perfectly clear and there's facts on it and we'll debate or have discourse with anybody presenting all the facts now with that in mind the first three years of black lives matter in Philadelphia we attempted to like put a? On hey why is it just lesbians and transgender black people running the organization when clearly most of the oppressive police situations were towards black males hey we want you guys to come another community and for some reason but then dc-baltimore in Philly these groups would not address us so we were like wait a minute until it made us dive into who and what formulated and got this organization together and as many of us black males begin to see we were like catturd speed up maybe 2 years or 3 years again when Philadelphia gets Police Commissioner Ross imposition along with mayor Kenney we sit and have these Community townhouses and the first one was in Tioga second one was in West Philly I forget where we were in West Philly and we did these two these Town Halls in the town hall these disruptive disrespectful Butchie black females who how do you say you about black lives matter you don't like black men and we just had issue with it so we the first meeting we put it to a halt because where we were with it was y'all not in the community y'all are very despondent to what the actual needs of black lives are because you live with your white lesbian girlfriends or your transgender I don't know but point is this they weren't connecting because they were never connected by us for us it was a social political experiment not just done and as a black person somebody screaming Democrats did this a Republicans doing that neither one of the parties are for us at the end of the day we should have as we did before like Baba Gregory said before and many others we should have our own party but that's neither here nor there point is this the social political moral that was formulated by billionaire was very real because what we found out is at the time of its conception and maybe 3 to 4 years in none of the branches of black lives matter had any black males leading it weatherday what gay black males are not what no black males bottom-line and it raised question and so we started putting out a lot of feelers and then went from putting out feelers to actually putting out statements media statements and addressing and attacking the issues with them and we realize they weren't for the real black community it was just a bunch of bogus bullshit that's why many other organizations many black militia and different people didn't come on board not even the nation Islam or no one came on board because it's a genda wasn't our Collective agenda it was something totally different and many of us realize that so we weren't manipulated buy-it-now to sit and say because at the end of the day the whole idea was to wash down and dumb down the black community at the same time to take Focus off the real issues so if you can push this to the Forefront and make it seem like this group and organization is doing something mind you a lot of black-and-white young people were not voting even with Barack the second second go-around they saw a swing up ship swing when Barack first ran that second go-around it did nothing the third go-round it did nothing meaning third go around with Hillary hit the ticket queenie's death we are at a place with a policies and politics don't match the policies are oppressive and the politics are not for us because if the policies don't assist in taking away the oppression then the participation in the politics should be null and void and that's what a lot of the younger Generations feel and are taking on an action that such anyway black lives matter I agree with you 1000% but you overstand who they said they were stealing from though and it wasn't black lives and black money that was supporting this you had a lot of money coming from White entertainers and liberals and I don't like using that term because it states a political Viewpoint and it's really not because you have individuals that scream their liberal and they're the biggest bigots and and when I use bigot bigot as different from racist because you can be black and be a bigot as you can see maj you are really pushing on the bigoted side of things but I get it movie Safe in our safe space until they come after us I get it

  6. I concur with you they are the majority of the individuals that were at the demonstration and protest during the the hours of the permit to be in front of the courthouse were not from Kenosha they were from Milwaukee they were Frank nitti's group but they left and went down in Chicago there were two other groups one from Minnesota and I can't remember where the other group was from but none-the-less my point is best at the time of the demonstrations and protests there were a lot of black people you can see it on the video after the fact you had a lot of individuals from Racine who came down youth who are black it came down you see him in the videos they're not necessarily from Kenosha so just like a lot of the white people that came down they were not from Kenosha you see now know the difference most of there's a difference between protesting and demonstrating and rioting and looting big difference 3 big different things most of your looting is perpetrated by I'm sorry most of your rioting is perpetrated by white folks and this is throughout the country I watched it even before this blacklivesmatter thing Flash I participated in putting things together and people turning them around normally the people that end up turning those positive things around our white Anarchist groups some of whom have people of color in their groups and then after they Riot and tear up shit the looters, normally the poor individuals from those neighborhoods be they black or white depending on where you are in the country and they step in and when they step in the media showing them when they did not show the difference between the rioters and the looters we watched it in Philly we watched it in Chicago I watch them Milwaukee some of my property in Philly and Milwaukee were destroyed and when we looked at the videos of who was destroying who did it who did the Rodney they were white people and then who looted we're black people and Latin so the white people just came to create the economic damage in our communities I had done in my properties in Philly I had it done in my properties in Milwaukee the funny thing goes one of my Residential Properties in Milwaukee it was something right after the craziness that was going on in Milwaukee about maybe 11 p.m. or so some youth that were from that situation of of the Looting and rioting into them to some of the residential neighborhoods and ended up settings fire or committing arson to one of my residential property and so what we don't see in Kenosha is them coming into the residential neighborhoods why you folks are from there or the black people from their do business in that area and the police know them so they didn't go into residential areas and mind you the business is this is very crucial the businesses that they rioted all non-white businesses and I can show you those facts based upon the insurance claims from those businesses and as we see in the Kyle Rittenhouse situation the so-called car dealerships that they were guarding without getting permission from the owners though the owners kind of switched up that's a little leery but my point is is those businesses were not owned by white people they were owned by I can't remember if they're Hindi Pakistani or Afghani Islamic it doesn't matter but my point is they're not white and at some point 4 reasons many of us in law enforcement and Community activism think that they bowed out and said they never got the group's to do this is because there are class action lawsuits against the car dealership people because and a couple other businesses because they're saying that they hired these groups to come to do this or ask them to come to do this and that's why you saw it in the trial as you did but anybody not to hinder their point is that Kenosha and Racine are a area that a lot of people of color Venture into on because of the shopping because of the the the the naval base and so many other things you do have in surrounding counties a lot of black enclaves living or residing and or working in the area I myself reside in Waukegan and the area that Rittenhouse is from is an area that at one point in time I believe in the late 70s all the way to the 80s it was a black community and it kind of gentrified with white trash LOL

  7. First of all maju extremely wrong there were permits for the Gathering of the protest so you're extremely wrong after-the-fact there may have been some craziness going on and note this part Kenosha has a lot of black and white couples so there you're also wrong there a lot of mixed families racially mixed families that are in Kenosha there are certain parts of Kenosha that are heavily black folks from Chicago move up folks from Milwaukee move down folks out of Detroit come so you saying that you have 5.8% claiming to be black or African-American 7.19 percent claiming to be Hispanic or Latino and then 88.38 saying that they're white mind you I just said that you have a lot of couples who have children of mixed races and in that area of Wisconsin a lot of those folks deem their children as white

  8. Did you know that they didn't admit but it was shown that the classes that he said he took to be an EMT he never took them he only knew basic first aid and CPR oh yeah he was never a lifeguard did you see when the prosecution proved that and the defense objected to it Point news is if you're lying about who you are and what you do what makes you think you don't lie and deceive in any other ways and have a narcissistic sadistic mindset that you can do just like in the video since you like to watch the videos and subjectively take from it what you see in the video did you see when they walk past the tanks and they told them not to walk past that line and then the older gentleman said that Rittenhouse was an EMT and then the person following them with the video ask are you really an EMT three different times and Rittenhouse said yes he was not a trained EMT by any means anybody can put on any mask and wear it and say that that's what and who they are it doesn't mean that's who they are matter fact I'll wear the mask of a major multi-billionaire please address me as such FOH

  9. Why would anyone that pushes constitutional rights of the Second Amendment and black individuals in this country knowing it dismiss us as if we don't have rights as Citizens to this case irregardless of our race who does that? Who dismisses any citizen that would have concern over any case whether it's a major case or minor case that deals with any type of criminal activity to erase the individuals that would potentially maybe jurors wait a minute I get it he's just like what we saw in the trial with the jurors what we saw no people of color because they thought what that we have no place or we would be biased go figure so you pick peers at think like you right too bad Maj you weren't one of the jurors but how dare you be dismissive of our citizenship when you sold prolifically promote the Second Amendment right for people of color black guns matter right! Which one is it some folks are truly serving more than one God

  10. 6 minutes and 28 seconds into this video you're saying active 6 minutes and 27 seconds into the video you're making an incorrect statement maj not certain why don't even care but the facts are hello Kyle pointed the gun at him mind you the young man had mental health issues who knows what's under his Iceberg it's a psychological term anyway point is who knows why he said what he said but when someone is in raged and there's someone pointing a gun at you he never lunged at him are you not looking at the video he can verbalize all he wants as they say sticks and stones may break my bones but words can't hurt when they words becoming action besides it being put into the universe or The Ether two may be manifest but there was no physicality in his verbiage! So then where does the threat go in kill me nigga doesn't say I'm going to kill you Nigga major big difference for you to invite someone to kill you or for you too say that you are going to kill someone and you are intelligent Maj to know that difference you're from the neighborhoods of North Philly so you should very clearly know the differential between those two statements and this young man that was murdered clearly said kill me nigga couldn't be that enraged white supremacist little boy to wear that in itself calling someone a black derogatory word enraged him to make him think this is a threat he's calling me one of those dirty monkeys yeah I'm in a ejected my own view the reason is because I'm trying allow you and anyone else that possibly May read this to see if there is a major difference from someone telling someone to kill them and someone saying I'm going to kill you there's no threat if I'm inviting you to kill me the threat comes when I enrage killing upon you FOH with that Madness

  11. Hold on no it is not the case first of all a hunting rifle AR rifle is not a hunting rifle 12 the it can be used in a Range the AR rifle it cannot be carried around if your under 18 the gun law in Wisconsin is an owl put it out the link to show you better than I can verbally tell you or type in until you first of all he did cross state lines in his own testimony he said it he did not leave the gun there after he committed the shooting he left to go home because no one would take him into custody as he claims and I'm kind of paraphrasing he got someone else to buy the gun for him prior to the actual killings he claimed he never got an opportunity to use the gun however prior to the killings there were pictures showing him utilizing or train which the defense had put a motion in to not let it happen and at that point there should been questions because why is it that this young man's pictures prior or any videos prior or any associations prior or after the killing would not be admitted that's crazy and it's unjust because it would have shown what kind of character he had noticed he also drove illegally had no license the car is not completely registered note I'll go back seven people can watch the same videos and all seats seven different things it is subjective so Maj speaking about what the video clearly showed that is not Clarity that is visual subjectiveness that anybody can watch and any one who watches it with come up with different things and ways that they saw it

  12. Wow maj I have always put you in high regard and respect for you to sit up and verbalize that what stake in this that anyone of color has why are black people jumping on a bandwagon hello what were the protests about in Kenosha I get it you're not out here you don't know that part but none the less you had human beings collectively coming together for marginalized oppressed Community especially in Kenosha that came from all over the Midwest to be heard now what transpired the day before and the days after it is what it is it did not have to do with just black people however many were there because of black people and though I am not one to jump on the blacklivesmatter bandwagon because they have nothing to do with the collective community of people of color in America it was a whole fart nonetheless there's certain facts that are missing many of us are in law enforcement have family there in law enforcement and I'm not just talking about at the local level in the midwest I'm talking about at the federal level and so we're seeing things that were not admitted we're seeing things brother I really can't believe that your verbiage is as it is because there were some individuals that weren't looking at Major media Outlet videos or listening to their commentary or we had none of that none of that we're dealing with pure facts and the fact that you don't know that part now I would agree with you there were many that just were completely and utterly ignorant and when a lack of knowledge is not there that ignorance runs blissful agreed however there were many that new facts the factory say she wasn't supremacist how are you saying we have video clear video of him training with militia groups that are known white supremacist brother why do you think that the defense didn't allow all of the connections that he had before the shooting and after the shooting to be admitted during the course of the trial because it would have shown him as a white supremacist and that wasn't media fluff

  13. Maj is definitely right about these Democrats and mainstream media but mainstream works for both parties. He just has too many white folk talking points (Democrats supported slavery, the klan was dems, Blacks were rioting, Kyle was a boy, ect.) I dont care what name you put on white supremacy (dems or GOP) Im against whoever hates me. PS Kyle is a grown ass man and I saw no one rioting and no stores burning in the video of Kyle running and gunning….im just saying. That said, Maj keep up the good gun control work in Philly cause we are at 499 homicides right now and proper gun control could make a positive diff. B1

  14. Hold on maj first of all some of us were extremely privy to a lot of foliage have you not forgotten Eddie pointed the gun and shot somebody first they weren't chasing him because he had shot the gun yet you have the chronological order completely messed up they chased him after he shot at someone and was firing a gun at an individual prior to that hit pointed the gun adding individual so him being chased was because he and his emotions utilize the gun in a negative and vile way where individuals wanting to apprehend him when the gentleman who has an actual EMT was in this situation Rittenhouse had already shot someone and by the time he came to the gentleman with the skateboard all they were trying to do is make him accountable just like anyone just like they tried to do the young man down in Georgia they thought it was their duty to stop this young man from committing some type of crime well is the same with Rittenhouse kid shot someone already hit shot the gun first and then shot a person and then begin to flee from that situation not being accountable for what he had done and standing there and calling 911 or calling someone to let them know that he had done had to defend himself and if that was the case and that was not the case because an individual that has shot someone and then his lame excuse that when he went to go tell certain police in a meeting that they told him get away from him before he gets pepper sprayed he said that on the stand he also said that they were chasing him because it look at the prosecution's questioning of him it's clear his answers were clear however the prosecution was weak and the jury was white and Latin all individuals that want to fit in along with those black folks that think there was some self-defense to this there wasn't brother no matter how you try to twist and turn it turn it many of us are not in disillusion on what we have access to and I'm not talking about multimedia access I'm talking about actual footage from individuals that are in law enforcement and other types of situations and we've seen and not only that we listen to the young man's testimony Rittenhouse testimony his testimony speaks volumes however like I stated maj I get it you get funded by a lot of those folks so I get it you have to watch your mouth and not speak truth to facts because a video you can have seven people watching it and get seven different conclusions so that's all subjective the facts that came out of Rittenhouse mouth the facts that you as an individual who studies military and combat strategy knows that that EMT if he was really in some type of combative way he would have popped Rittenhouse from the rip because he hadn't mad opportunity but he did not!

  15. First of all the guy with the Glock was a real Mt Hazmat footage of him assisting individuals who have no footage of Rittenhouse assisting anybody mind you let me just put this little note in there none of the businesses that they were at ask them to be there! Did you know that part and did you know that goes business individuals are being sued their have civil suits against them anyway I digressed point is this at the end of the day the gentleman that had the block who was a real EMT who save lives in his calling to his life's purpose has had mad opportunity to shoot Rittenhouse it was very clear on the tape anybody that does strategic training could have seen that that gentleman had mad opportunity to shoot Rittenhouse while he was shooting others I believe it was two or three different occasions I know 24 fact but I think there was a third opportunity that he could have had to shoot and kill Rittenhouse the whole time his hands were up with the gun in one hand and with the phone in another though I'll give you Written House may have been a little frazzled if the gentleman that had a legal gun who was a real Mt would have thought and had a mindset of being a killer he could have taken Rittenhouse out easily but he did not! You know why because he's a rational trained adult with a firearm where there was a AR or handgun it doesn't matter you had a child with a major deadly military-grade weapon running around playing EMT never assisting anyone and running around like a biggity redneck like if you helping these black low live and your white then you're one of them and you're trash like them and you deserve to die like them did you not feel and hear those sentiment and I'm not talkin emotion I'm speaking fact and truly you cannot bring up any videos free shooting because the court of law didn't bring it up so let's not just throw in little tidbits of what the actual case was about that case was about what they was allowed to come in to argue for or against this man at the time of boy being a complete and utter Psychopathic murderer

  16. All of that is subjective first of all hello he worked in Illinois he did not work and he lived in Illinois I'm in the area I'm extremely familiar with the case also the footage was very concerning in that whether you saw very close-up footage from individuals phone or you saw the FBI's footage all of it clearly shows that there was no threat to him especially with the individual that though he had a firearm he never shot it and so you can talk about the what is that called when individuals adrenaline's are rushing and they just fire or shooter their weapon off either with hunting or with protection police officers go through it anybody goes through it when they shoot off rounds even when you're at a target shooting your Journal intend to go maybe not as high as when you kill something but bottom line is he was seventeen he shouldn't have the gun in the state of Wisconsin and then he transported the gun from Wisconsin to Illinois I watched the whole trial not only did I watch the whole trial but I also saw things because I have family members that we're looking at it from a totally different perspective in the FBI so what conspiracy theories taught and thought and spoke out on and what reality was the prosecution majorly drop the ball because in any other case this would have been a person of color it would have been very relevant of his background story and what he did afterwards that all with motioned out and that's absurd! The fact that the prosecution did nothing nnn made it look like they were doing their due diligence but really weren't! The fact that he skated a skirted around certain facts that were known there were certain phone video recording that they did not use and the ones that they did use mad come on it's subjective I heard something someone else might have heard something else clearly the words were very precise and that's my point everything was subjective with the jury heard and who the jury was was Paramount also

  17. People didn't vote for Biden they voted against trump. Get them facts right, Maj acts like a low key Conservative Republican who claims independent. Either way he does stay B1 on them guns.

  18. Maj is on point arming Black America but is so misguided on his thoughts on Rittenhouse. Almost everything he said on that case, he said because it benefited gun owners, not humanity. Black folk are at the bottom on the humanity scale in the eyes of the mass society. B1.

  19. Why would any thinking Black People, defend white folks ? Brother Maj, we took your health tips very serious. I want to know ,when is any smoke good for your Respiratory Health ? I only ask ,because I love You.

  20. He did cross state lines fact! and he's friend is being prosecuted for making an illegal firearm purchase for person not eligible fact! Transportation of firearms across state lines is s federal felony duh! 😲🇬🇧👍

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