1. Love your videos! Do you have training program for track cycling(sprint)? I’ve been doing road cycling for 5 years. And right now I’ve been focusing more on Olympic weightlifting. Training 5 days a week. Plan is to get back to track cycling and shorter events(road criteriums around 60min long)

  2. Daire you say so many things that sound great out of context and as an immature person, i really appreciate that. Great content as always and looking forward to that sweet merch!

  3. Sikastan timestamp officer reporting in:

    1:50 ARE YOU GUYS A COUPLE!?!?

    4:05 ​Do you lads test your girlfriends´ squats? Are they allowed to be with you if they can't 2x bw squat?

    5:40 Is it normal to experience a lot of discomfort while doing exercises where your joints are in direct contact with the floor? (planks, ab wheel rollouts on knees, etc)

    8:06 ​What do you think of the law differences regarding gear in NI versus the south

    10:05 ​Are you guys into meditation?

    12:30 ​Do you ask your new athletes if they are on gear or does it not affect approach to programming much

    15:09 What is Santa getting you boys

    18:34 Would you recommend taking pre workout before an exam? asking for a friend. I'm definitely not 40 minutes from an exam and just took a scoop

    19:40 You could do a whole video series on "how to trick your wife into training without her interpreting it as you calling her fat"

    20:02 ​Thoughts on Hip thrusts? Do you ever use them? Thanks lads

    22:30 "​I really enjoy your videos on doping. I have noticed a lot of change in attitude around doping with regard to stigma on the internet and with former athletes. Do you think this will have any impact around elite level sports either with a stricter attitude toward doping or legalizing doping in certain circumstances, particularly as doping control seems futile?"

    28:36 ​Would you rather lift 500 total at Paris at super heavy and die the year after or always get 4th at the Olympics whatever category

    29:04 Do you guys believe in the saying 'everything in moderation?' In relation to recreational drugs… specifically in relation to cannabis.

    31:50 ​What is the reason, that strongmen or super heavy weights are so fat? Would Eddie, Lasha or Shaw perform better with 20% bodyfat less?

    34:53 Fitz, you’ve mentioned having grown up overseas a few times and I’m curious about where you lived/grew up.

    35:08 ​My gym doesn't have a back extension machine. What exercises are a good alternative?

    37:51 Have yall tried tongkat ali and fadogia?

    42:30 ​Where do you buy your ZMA?

    43:25 ​Do you "claw" the ground with your toes when squatting?

    43:57 ​What's your view of weight training as a method to correct duck feet, poor posture, pelvic tilt etc. Still unsure if just YouTube pseudoscience or some validity there

    45:53 ​What numbers does someone have to do for you to have a suspicion?

    47:57 What would be a good exercise to program to be able to catch the bar lower and also getting a stronger lockout in snatch/c&j?

    49:06 Do you guys think a triple with 180kg on squat equals 200kg for 1 ?

    49:55 ​Any recommendations for how to add body building focused exercises with a weightlifting program?

    50:55 Can you explain the main differences in training between male and female weightlifters at the highest level.

    51:19 How do you identify the line between an athlete being in the right training conditions for adaption or them being over trained? Knowing when more volume is beneficial rather than detrimental.

    52:24 I’ve heard of, for example, law enforcement officers having conditions like bipolar disorder and using it to their advantage for work performance. Thoughts on a well adjusted bipolar athlete timing their fluctuations with periodized training? I feel like it’s possible to take advantage.

    54:39 Can you do a rugby program?

  4. Recently found this channel ton of great info really appreciate the content you guys put out, been watching fitness related stuff on youtube since 2014 and the content you guys put out has addressed confusion I had about certain things that I hadn't seen other channels talk about or explain that well. This channel and mike isratel are must watches imo.

  5. Another excellent video from the best channel in the strength community! Question for you lads: what do you believe are the best possible lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, OHP) for a lifetime natural, training and doing everything right for five years, who has NOT gotten injuries along the way? Body weight, fat percentage and whatnot varies, but let's say for someone who is neither small or enormous – 85 – 105kg or so, with height corresponding. Me and the boys reckon 220/150/250/110 sounds about the limit. Interested to hear what you think.

  6. Thanks again for answering that question of mine Fitz! After I finish the RTA I may need to purchase a consultation so we can really get down to business, I want to push myself as far as I can.

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