Go 30-Days Weed Free With These Tips, Secrets, & and Strategies (from my experience)

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  1. What worked for me the most was the confidence in myself. Once you go like one week without weed you feel more powerful and you just experienced some time without it and you are like: It wasn't that bad as I thought. Man I can't explain how many things I have done since I'm off that shit. It destroys your motivation inch by inch. It's sneaky actually lol. Comfort kills guys. Control that inner beast. Much blessings and power to all!

  2. I've been smoking everyday since I was 16, I'm 21 now. I haven't been feeling like myself for the past few years and I've been wanting to make a change for a long time now. I think a challenge like this is exactly what I need to get my wheels turning again. Thanks Gabe, always appreciate you and your videos.

  3. Iv had a month off now nearly 2 months, but now it’s nearly Christmas I feel like I want to treat myself with a smoke nearer that time.. I’m not sure if I should or not

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