1. This is love. Mental illness can strike into the heart of any family. This man, who is exceptionally intelligent, was under extreme stress, and the addition of more stressors, combined with depressants (alcohol, marijuana) has revealed mental illness which was brewing.
    The way he alludes to creativity, street preaching/minister, dancing, not wanting to smother his creativity and genius, makes me suspicious of bipolar or schizophrenia of some kind.
    This is heartbreaking and an epidemic right now since Covid. I wish them all the best. Especially his kids.
    It hurts me to see the hurt here. He is so emotionally labile. Laughing one second about the Baptism, and the next his face literally wracked in raw grief and pain related to his mother and step-father. The way his step-father loves him, “that’s my boy”. Damn who is cutting onions

  2. It’s shameful that the world can sit in judgement of a good person who reacts authentically to difficult times. Big love to Ed ❤️🇨🇦

  3. Dr. Phil, watching this was watching almost to a T what happened to my husband about 19 years ago with his break down if you want to call that. He was diagnosed in 2009 with bipolar or schizophrenic tendencies. I don’t know that that’s a correct diagnosis or not. He did have some head injuries in his younger youth and early 20s I believe. He too relies on self-medicating with marijuana. On top of his Abilify and Celexa.
    I wish my husband could have the brain scans. We live in Minnesota I don’t think they do them there. But this man’s behavior is so similar to my husbands. What I have been going through for 19 years with him. And it breaks my heart. It has hurt our marriage hurt the raising of our children. I really wish my husband could get the brain scans done

  4. I really think this new weed causes brain damage. It used to be weed came from someone’s backyard. Now you have botanists and geneticists designing these products…

  5. The same exact thing happened to my younger brother at age 50! All the way to dressing like a cowboy! After a year he quit Marijuana and is totally back to normal! Marijuana is NOT just a recreation drug! Everyone brain is different!

  6. Bob Marley said, "When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself." Honestly, I think this gentleman is, for the most part, a very down-to-earth and extremely intelligent individual. He obviously has a good head on his shoulders. I want to really like him! Yeah weed can bring out underlying psychological issues but so can other things like a loss, big upheavals in life, etc. My heart goes out to this dude… he seems like a good man. God bless him. 🧡🤠
    P.S. nothing wrong with cannabis when used responsibly!

  7. Would think in 2021 that Dr. Phil wouldn't be so ignorant about marijuana. He's always treated it like heroin. This man's problem is not the weed, it's his brain. Come on now.

  8. I'm a little confused though… the family present it like "why is he acting like this??" – then they say that they have mental illness in the family and thought it might be schizophrenia… if you have mental illness in your family, you know what it looks like, and yes that's it, so what's the question? Then he comes on and says he's diagnosed with psychiatric issues. Again… what's the question? They know what's wrong, he knows what's wrong and he's seen a professional for it. I don't understand why they need Dr Phil's resources. They seem like lovely people but this story felt like a non-story.

  9. I don’t think it’s the weed BUT this man does not need ANYTHING mind altering unless it’s medication prescribed by a doctor for a specific reason. No booze, no weed, no shrooms. Dude just snapped…just snap him back. P.S. The niece is kind of a know it all…but doesn’t know when to stop the work/injections on her face.

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