Farming & Genetics Guide | Rust Tutorial

This video will cover seeds, equipment, growing, genetics, and finally, how to sell your farm to produce a scrap profit. Farming is an excellent way for you to …


  1. 5:07 What about floor/roof grills? Can you get enough light through them? Woah, cross-breeding is a bit over complicated ahaha, wonder why FP went into that much depth!?
    GREAT GUIDE! ​← ↑ Comment for algorithm + 👍 'd

    #OldManPaxus Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

  2. I've always found this so difficult to understand and overwhelming to the point I barely touch the water system at all, but this broke it down so amazingly! I think next month I'll join a pve server to get a bit of experience with it and build a farm base! This is such a big part of the game I've basically ignored! Thank you!

  3. Hey Jfarr a really good and informed video as always buddy 🙂, can you do maybe a video in the future about electricity and all that type of stuff would be helpful, cheers 🤙

  4. Finally a guide that mentions low tech farming. Just havint a planter box, ceilling lights and a water catcher is SUPRISINGLY effective. All the other guides make it seem like you need to build a tier 3 farm or not bother at all. I discovered farming this month and I don't even bother with crossgreeding. I just plant seeds and keep the ones with good genes, water the plants from my water catchers and watch them grow like you show here. This wipe I got a YYGGWH hemp seed and it yields 300 cloth from just one planter box which is crazy.

    Thank you for your many helpful Rust videos. You are a true staple of this community. I believe I have watched your Trainyard guide at least 7 times, trying to learn the loot run and it now is my favorite monument. Did you know that there is an angle where you can kill the recycler scientists without them shooting back? Just get on the crane that is closest to the recycler building and get on the part of that crane which is the furthest away from the building. If you now shoot underneath the building it is easy to snipe the scientists.

  5. Jfarr bro Idk why the fck you got only 24k subs man you are truly underrated , easly one of the best rust tutorial channels so far giving alot of tips and infos that helps so much thank you and keep up the good work mate .

  6. Jfarr, your vidoes are very promising and useful
    But calculation is wrong about sprinklers and distribution to planter boxes

    -For maintain server performance sprinkler distribute 15 ml per5 seconds (180ml per minutes)
    -If you have 3 planter boxes, every planter boxes get 5 ml per 5 seconds (60ml per minutes, per larger boxes)
    -If you have 4 planter boxes, every planter boxes get 3 ml per 5 seconds, remaining 3 ml will be wasted. (36 ml per minutes, per larger boxes)
    So best way is using 1 sprinklers for 3 planter boxes

    -Btw still there is huge bug about sprinklers. Sprinkler uses 10 ml per 5 seconds (120 ml per min), and sprinlers distribute 15 ml per 5 seconds (180 ml per min)

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