COP26 Key Takeaways + Japan Research for Energy Transition from Coal | Dr.Leslie Mabon | Ep320

Dr Leslie Mabon is a Lecturer in Environmental Systems at the Open University. Leslie attended the recent COP26 conference in Scotland and will summarize …

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  1. Interesting to talk with Leslie Mabon from his home in Scotland to hear his insights from attending the COP26 conference as an observer. He has an exciting new research project starting in collaboration with his colleagues at Kyushu University and Kyoto University to study the social as well as environmental impacts of energy transitions from coal in Japan. It will be very interesting to follow up with another talk once that project is complete. Another example of how our climate crisis problems are borderless. I like Leslie's argument for not doing short flights for meetings and staying where you fly to for at least a week- that's a great rule. We have to look at our own behaviors at home and work as well as applying to our communities, government and companies – we all need to emded sustainability targets into who we are 24/7

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