BuildASoil 10×10: Getting deeper into flower. What to expect next: Season 2, Episode 22

Episode 22, Season 2: Day 44 of Flower As we get later into flower there isn’t as much to do in the garden. The flowers are setting in well and we are working to …


  1. Doing a quadrant by the written schedule would be a legit move dude. I know a lot of first time or beginner growers that would rather have a step by step process. And then in another quadrant over you can show them how much fun you’re having breaking your own rules.

  2. With a side note to the worms changing the fungal/bacteria ratios. Could feeding them a more fungal dominated feed/topdress translate to more fungal based soil ratios I wonder. Also do do you know the preference for your plants fungal to bacteria ratios ? I’m only just getting into the rabbit hole of soil health with so much more to learn and I have to thank you for all your content you’ve created to help as many people as you can, great work.

  3. Beautiful garden bud,please get a supplier in Scotland,I'd love to do a build a soil run,I'm considering the RAW nute line for my next run,I'm using the doff nute linejust now,it's ok n I'm seeing great results but I think your line would boost my game to a whole nother level,stay blessed guys😎😎

  4. You say you dont have to be treibbly vomplicated about this for new comers but you make it terrinly complicated for them. You keep saying what you want them to do. You dont teach properly. Educated people and let them decide what they want rather then tell them what you want.

  5. Hi ur plants look amazing i was wondering if you have Instagram so i can send u some pics of my wwa so i can get some input on what else i can do ,or do u have a email address that i can send pics and ask about soil and other stuff .im currently running coco coir with peat and perlite mix with organic compost and worm castings and bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass my next run im looking at adding more nutrients to this mix i have alfalfa meal and sea bird guano and kelp meal and fish bone meal also im thinking about adding mushroom compost i already have live worms in my pot im using a five gallon fabric pot my wwa is growing well but i would lile ur opinion

  6. How can I bounce my plants back from possible root rot from over watering? They are still growing and putting on new growth but it’s really slow and I can’t get my watering correct.

  7. I'll try my question one more time:

    I went to Guatemala and got some land race seeds. I'm in the process of crossing them with a high CBD strain (pink panther by high alpine genetics) they're fat and pregnant now and can't wait to dry and get those seeds to replant. My question is: do I need to cross them with each other again to retain the high CBD? Cause now I'm assuming the seeds I have are 1:1 but I'm not after thc. I want them for Cbd cause I guess I'm too "old" and can't handle being that "high" now a days with a baby to look after like when I was 16 years old with no responsibilities.

  8. I'm curious Jeremy I have been thinking about my water and looking back to some troubles I have had in the past and currently am having I believe to be water quality related; was is it exactly you do not like about reverse osmosis. I know in a recent q and a you said you'd use it as a last option but what exactly is the issue with RO is it the waste you don't particularly like or ?

  9. I was reading on the website about "the system", it mentioned that the ultimate goal would be to have the sol so biologically active and balanced that ultimately all one would need to do with it it's ad homemade compost and water. That is my goal both in my indoor grow and overall with my 1/2 lot. I use a 5x3x2' bed indoor. Using the build a soil way (i.e. craft blend, build a flower, rootwise, cover crops, etc…) and aloe puree, compost (thermophyllic, bokashi fermented food scraps, yard/ garden waste) how long do you think it would take to get to a point where all one would have to do is add compost and water in their indoor beds? Have you ever seen that accomplished ? Can you take us on a tour or introduce us to a farmer/ gardener that has reached these goals? I would love to see a farm or garden that has become so fertile and biologically active that composting is all they do to re-amend their soil.

  10. I’m glad you got those 3d printed bamboo covers in and it’s cool to see it make an appearance. I spotted it as soon soon as it was in frame! I hope they get some good use. The tent is looking great Jeremy! Such beautiful flowers.

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