1. Two years ago a woman went to the Massachusetts Supreme Court because she had a medical marijuana card. It was flagged on a database and she was fired. She lost the case. The US Congress is to busy chasing after Donald Trump to declassify marijuana. Nancy Pelosi is to blame for this mess.

  2. What's so wrong about getting high anyways? It's far less damaging and debilitating than alchohol, yet we don't test to make sure somone hasn't consumed alcohol in the last 30 days.

  3. The government lobbyist don't want you to take cheap alternatives they want you go to the doctor and get prescribed pills with harmful side effects to treat your illness.

  4. A bus driver also got fired for using CBD oil. She wanted to use something for blood cancer that wasn't going to impair her. They let people drive a bus on Valium for Christ sake, but they don't allow something like CBD.

    This country has it all assbackwards.

  5. There is a test that can discern between cbd use and marijuana use; Labcorp 701907. it exists but companies drug test are not required to use it and SAMHSA has not approved it for use in federal Drug Free Workplace Program. I know from experience.

  6. Yes we need reform on this issue, but can we also ask how often she was dosing, how much she was dosing, what kinda drug test she was subject to, when the last time she took cbd before the test was….? Like the questions that matter…

  7. This is happening over and over again. We need drug testing reform in this country! So many people losing their jobs using a federally legal substance! Definitely doesn’t make me proud of our country.

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