1. I dont trust anyone in politics but i will only hold them to their works not there words we Australians are sick of just words and country gets worse we just want freedom not the possibility of freedom if u do what they say

  2. If you want to take a swipe at ex officers turned politicians, you should concentrate your efforts on the likes of Hastie, Papalia, Tinley, Campbell soup Newman etc. What the F*ck have any of them achieved so far? Yes many officers (not all) are very self-serving arseholes that don't deserve the respect, let alone the appointment title they have been given. Bosi's a natural leader, the rest are merely manufactured 'leaders' and commanders!

  3. At least he wasn’t wearing red shoes. Honestly, your attempt to discredit Bosi is really piss weak. Instead of spreading doubt, how about you do something positive? You are sus, mate. Good luck to you.

  4. Here's what we do know; the concentration camps are built and ready. They are being filled in the NT as we speak.
    Every major party is a bunch of puppets; the faces of these parties are corrupt and evil.
    The police are not on our side, they just do as ordered.
    The army on not on our side, they just do as ordered.
    We are defenceless now; we have no leader, we have no strategy.
    Protests achieve nothing. So what do we do?

    We have never before looked at the background and connections amongst the politicians we've voted for – none of us would have known before that Palace chook's dad runs a genetic storage company, or that Jeannette Young's hubby is connected to pfizer and that other major politicians are likewise connected to pharma and/or rockefeller run corps. But now we do.

    If Bosi was 'let go' by the army – and I don't know the story – then to me that shows the possibility he doesn't 'just follow orders' perhaps.
    If he is struggling now, it's likely because he's not a fraud and has to be frugal with his money for now.
    He just yesterday posted an update saying someone had started a gofundme to raise money for him; he said he has asked that to be cancelled and people to get their money back as he did not request this and assured everyone he and his family are ok and don't need money for their personal use.
    He refuses to accept large donations because he doesn't want to be bought.
    He has likely had dubious business dealings before – I don't know – but many people have; when you're in business you don't always know if you're being swindled. Happened to my family recently.
    He speaks the way I speak – I curse and yell when I hear politicians talk and especially when I hear msm talk about the 'wellness' camps built for us. And I will continue to do so – does that make me unhinged?

    I was in Croatia in 1990, just as the demonstrations were beginning to secede from communist Yugoslavia – it was very much as I see happening now here. The President who led the revolt, Tudjman, was ex military AND an ex communist member. He knew who was who, how things were organised – he knew whom he was going up against and knew how to strategize. You have to have someone willing to break ranks when they see wrong-doing; you need someone who can lead, someone who can motivate, someone who knows how to militarise a revolt.

    I don't know if that's Bosi; but I do know we don't have anyone else. Listen to every one of his rumble interviews; see where he admits his past wrong-doing or mistakes. Make up your own mind and if you don't trust him still find an alternative solution.

    What he says is what I've been saying since day one of this shit show – if we stop, the shit show stops. It only takes a large number of people to stop work, clog up the cities, make it ungovernable. I can't argue this logic.

    As for Aussie Cossack – he's just as enthusiastic about Craig Kelly as he is about Bosi. He's showing up the cops for what they are. He's no orator and he's no politician – and that's a good thing.

  5. Another one of his claims is that hotels in Gold Coast are fully booked out to accommodate Army personnel to start forcing jabs door to door.
    But I've read that every year at the end of the year/beginning of the year, hotels are booked out with personnel that are posting out to their new locations. The later makes sense, christmas stand down is the best time to move personnel around with their families. This has happened every year, nothing out of the ordinary.

  6. You have hit all the right concerns about Bosi. He is a very flaky character who was 'let go' by the Army years ago for fraud (by his own admission). His business achievements are also very dubious – he tells you he was enormously successful but again by his own admission, now he is struggling to put 'a T bone on the table'! Likewise his operational service – certainly none of it was with the Australian Army so how do you verify what his achievements were? He is desperate for relevance and income and if you look carefully about all his posts over the last 2 years it is absolutely clear to see how he is starting to unravel. It will be interesting to see where this ends – wearing an SAS beret and uniform at a freedom protest is just one indicator of where he sees himself. Ridiculous and a sleight on those who do wear an ADF uniform legitimately. I am also concerned that he is very pally with the fat Russian cossack fella! That bloke is definitely on the fringe!

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