Bridges & Roads Collapse Frequently, Tofu-Dreg Projects in China, In-depth Analysis

Bridges, Viaducts, & Roads Collapse Accidents Occur Frequently, So Many Tofu-Dreg Projects in China (In-Depth Analysis) In the field of China’s engineering …


  1. Like many countries China has its good and bad sides. This channel obviously focuses on the latter, so I hope viewers after indulging in the gloom and doom here can still keep an open mind and critically think how more than a billion people manage to put up with living in such a dystopian hellhole. Surely it's not through brainwashing and fear alone.

  2. Cheap China. Don't buy from this country. What you buy will fall apart. If you cant trust the workers for good Construction, Then why should you trust the Contractor. And if you cant trust the contractor ,then how can you trust the ministers. And so on …. (9:57 I am a roofer and I already see a problem with the workmanship).

  3. I’m a civil engineer in the US. This is a really great analysis. Quality matters. Who will check what when? Who will check the checkers? Of course, outright bribery and nepotism will mess everything up. Not planning a trip to China anytime soon. Of course, we’ve had a few high profile collapses and there’s so much blame to go around no one is really responsible: However, these are certainly not a weekly thing. Maybe one every few years.

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