1. Love the content! Always on top of the game. Im curious of your opinion on the seedgame right now, seems everybody putting out fem lines instead of regs. I think a video on reversing females would be interesting. Like is it easy? That type of stuff.

  2. Hey man…love the vids. I'm growing a bag seed from a local dispensary. The strain was sour kosher and it seems to b growing well. Its my first time growing and this seed happened to b a whirled phyllotaxy. Do u have any experience with this. It has two main stems and I'm curious to hear any random knowledge. I'm in week 6 of veg.

  3. Would like to see you do a video on the “C-Vauts.” How effective are they? What is the average size you like to use? Best moisture packets for the cure and long time storage. Are they better than the conventional method of Mason jars, etc.? Thanks, appreciate your work!

  4. How’s the ES300 treating you? Got one about the same time as you did and LOVED what it did for the last 2 weeks of my grow! CAN NOT wait for the next run to see it perform start to finish!!!

  5. Sun dried eggshells for 2 days, 1 part eggshells to 10 parts white distilled vinegar in a jar, cover the jar with a coffee filter, let sit for 7 days and voilà, makes calcium bicarbonate. 3 ml per 1 gallon of water mixed with 1tsp of epsom salt is a good organic cal mag and the bicarbonate saves for months

  6. Watching this video reminds me of a dealer i knew who was narcoleptic and would pass out and not wake up half the time. It was a 50/50 gamble and he had the best stuff. 😎

  7. Do you have any videos on cbd strains? I have seen some seeds online that have high levels of both cbd and thc. Do you have any exp with any of these? Id like to grow some cbd but don’t mind a gd thc level as well😜. 🪴

  8. Hi bro….one question….i have 5 plants in tent…all auto….3 are readymto harvest….other 2 need 2 more weeks….can i give 48hours darkness in all? Or is bad for the plants are not ready?…thanks

  9. Hey hope you are doing well. Have a question on how many photos would you do un a 4X4 and about how long would you veg them. Light is A Mars hydro fc4800. Have a great Holiday and stay healthy ✌

  10. I've been growing bag seed. Decent results, 50/50 chance male / female. 30% chance of Hermaphrodite.
    Somebody at the grow house messed up. Caused one of the plants to hermaphrodite And Polinate other plants around it.Or even itself.
    There is some rescue it. Is out of 12. 3 plants removed they hermaphrodited.. Gotta keep a really close eye out. every day..

  11. I'm a new grower with 3 runs under my belt growing autos… I've run into problems with each grow but that's how u learn right? My prob at the moment is lst… It sposed be easy 🤣 my question is .. when u train, and it goes to outta pot rim, where's it go from there? If it's spiralled around surely the bud sites from spiral 1 are covered by 2nd spiral and covered by leaves? Also when u water autos, do u always water to slight run off? I've been doing this to get my salt build up to escape.. it brings my soil pH down too to 7 is it necessary to always water to run off during veg and flower?

  12. 5 tent rule. Seriously it's not necessary unless you want to grow lbs. I feel 5 tents are good if money doesnt matter. Expect 300$ + electric bill and that's not even your up front cost. Who am I to judge. If you got the room and the means oh and the time to spare on maintenance go for it. 5 tents is alot of work, just saying. Cheers great conversation.

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