Who's Getting Rich From Moroccan Hash? | Trailer | Available Now

Investigating Morocco’s illegal cannabis trade, BBC Arabic’s Who’s Getting Rich From Moroccan Hash? is available on digital streaming platforms. Get it now on: …


  1. Prohibition is a failure, the world must stop being stupid!!! It is 2021?!?! Prohibition plays into hands of corrupt politicians and allows for middleman to get rich, and cartels getting formed.

  2. They would make more money by investing in nutrients and bud candies for the plants. Bigger buds=more trichome. More trichome= more hash. More hash = more money. Compost teas are literally free

  3. This journeyman pictures always spread bad news about other nations.i see not even single video is good/positive news.is your mental health on a good condition journeyman?
    I hope your kid one day remember your father for spreading negativity all over the world.

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