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Thoughts on how Dragon will handle the situation with Sabo and if he will directly confront the World Nobles at Mariejois in order to save Sabo? 00:00 – Dragon’s …


  1. About dragons, kaidos devil fruit, i think Nobles took turn to use that dragon wielder, they feed that fruit one of their slaves everytime the previous slave die of old age, until ryuma happened, ryuma killed that one user, and nobles lost their precious fruit, untill found by bigmom.

  2. Another theory is that with the looming threat of the world govt. The pirates stop fighting each other and decide to repel the world govt. To escape, only leaving kaido behind and dies gloriously against a battalion of the world govt. Ships

  3. Sabo vs Green Bull surely if GB has a plant Fruit Sabo should have owned him, but he could have really strong haki too

    I wouldn't be surprised if Dragon has Conquerors Haki

  4. I’m sayin….. dragon and the revolutionary army shows up. It would be a perfect segway into rescuing Sabo ,meeting his dad, then a big ass battle with some crazy strong world govt. people and revolutionaries. That’s my call.

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