1. 1) They do take our jobs. As a software developer for decades, I'v' seen companies abuse the H1B1 visa's to force down wages in my career field. Go look up why USAA got slapped badly for that. This is also true of the construction industry and food logistics industry (not food service). If you are a used car dealer, then immigrants aren't coming to take your job. It is only a select few industries where immigrant work is "exploited" in favor of US citizens. When people say it is taking "our" jobs. The "our" being the collective slightly possessive statement of availability. Its a figure of speech. Point being, at any given point there is always a limit of available "jobs" in any given market. Sure that availability can expand or contract, but with an influx of workers into a market, it makes getting those jobs harder. More so if those workers are willing to be exploited. When I say exploited, I mean exploited. They sometimes get paid under the table wages for less than minimum wage as well as work over 40 hours without any type of overtime or vacation. They are literally used because employers want to break the law and know they can do so because immigrant workers will not complain in fear of being sent back. Kirk, you also have your ideas on this wrong about them being more American. Those construction worker immigrants usually come over here for months to a year, stay in absolute abdominal living conditions, and then leave back for their home countries with the money they made here because it is so much better for them to live there with the money than here. Then they come back and do it again. Assuming they just aren't wire transferring it back. They have no intention of being "American" and realize it is easier to find worker here because our laws prevent Americans from actually competing with them. I think you are also conflating young lazy American teens with people actually looking to do real work. You should look up some cases and studies by Tyson foods and the chicken industry for example. They were lying to the government about not being able to find "workers" despite having tons of illegals working for them. They make the claim they can't find "legal workers willing" but usually there is a line of people wanting to work those jobs. Trust me. Again it comes down to corporations wanting to pay less than minimum wage. American workers legally cannot work a job for someone else for less than minimum wage. Also, if companies can't "find" workers, they get massive tax breaks as well in many places. So they have lots of workers, just not on the books.

    As far as business started and owned by immigrants, they are setup that way to be easier for immigrants or kids of immigrants than other natural born Americans. Again lax laws, easier loan programs, better business debt forgiveness, and so on. Plus, the immigrants form enclaves to help each other out in ways natural born Americans don't have. Ever wonder why almost every donut shop in southern California sells donuts in pink boxes? Should look up the Columbians that came here for that and their story. It is fascinating. The issue is that Kirk I don't believe you have a grasp on the big picture here.

    That being all said, I am for immigration, heck my wife is not an American citizen. But I want it legally, and I hate the laws, or lack of, when it comes to our society regarding immigrants. I am a firm believer in that one should clean their house first before going furniture shopping. Meaning, fix the laws and issues around immigrants in this country first and then lets get back to deciding how they come in.

    Lastly, I hate the statement by people saying America was founded on immigrants. It was not. It was founded on settlers and colonizers. Far different.

    2) The majority of those on welfare for long periods of time are the elderly, those with a permanent disability, and immigrants. Immigrants get to claim they are making nothing or are in poverty, so they get free housing, food, and other things while working jobs under the table.

    3) Yah, the cartels are extremely dangerous.

    4) Anyone making the 4th claim is dumb and who cares about it.

    5) This is true. Since delegates are assigned by population regardless of citizenship currently. What's worse is many of those immigrants are not always people that live here full time. I am not talking the ones with the work visas either. I am talking the ones that sneak back and forth.

  2. Side note: Sunday posts should be before 4pm et if possible because of fan overlap. A lot of ajw fans (my introduction to you) are psa sitch and adam friended fans. Side side note: GREAT CONTENT KEEP IT COMIN BROTHER! FR

  3. @Kirk Wilcox I wasn't able to catch you live Sunday bro, sorry but Sundays are reserved for @PSA Sitch & @Adam Friended; However before fully watching your video i did see in the live chat replay @john wayne mention the brook/peikoff debate so I redirected myself to it… As of now Peikoff is straight representin' … But i digress… I've yet to fully digest your arguement.

  4. The people who denigrate Columbus day list all those reasons why we shouldn't have a holiday celebrating him. He took the land and jobs, changed the demographics, brought disease, etc.

    The hatred for people who crossed state lines is strong on both sides of the isle.

  5. One of the concerns that I think the “average person” would have is the “fear” of the externalities that could be caused from drugs. Just like alcohol, if someone took drugs and then proceeded to attack someone, would that remove/affect the victim’s freedom? If it’s illegal, is it better because it’s “out of plain sight” since much of the illegal drug and (during prohibition) alcohol activity would be done more discreetly? Is there perhaps an alternative where drugs are legal but they are regulated so the environment of activity can be controlled? I guess my main point is that I think most “average” people would be too afraid of getting hurt from someone else’s potential “violent drug rampage”.

  6. 1:00 My short'n'sweet five bullet rebuttal to each of the five "arguments":
    1) They're "taking" jobs that most Americans don't want anyway, because their low skill heavily manual nature of the work.
    2) But the some millions of Americans who already are on the taxpayer dole are not, somehow.
    3) The whole "increase muh border securituh" argument in response to human trafficking is completely moot. Treat the problem at its source (being the war on drugs in this context). Another silly law that enable human trafficking is prohibiting sex work or prostitution.
    4) Without addressing this argument at all, for it does not merit any response (why? Because philosophy is what matters), I think it is nothing else then a rationalization in favour of stagnation, this time on aggregate across a whole country. Boo!
    5) See #4.

  7. Charlie Kirk is not a person you need to take out of context. I'm not even saying he doesn't believe what you say he believes. But that quote was him saying, that's what some democrats say is thier goal with immigration, wrong or not.

    It's like someone saying we need less white people and then another person saying I can't believe you would say that, hey everyone look what this person said. Then a 3rd party claims that the 2nd guy cares deeply about this issue and wasn't just being reactive

    Or not

  8. When I hear those arguments, it's normally talking about illegal immigration. Not always of course but more often than not.

    And how does a wall hinder legal immigration?

  9. It was funny how Republicans did better with Hispanics in the 2020 election. Sure they switched over for bad reasons but it still debunks the notion that demographics will vote the same forever.

  10. I'm all for phasing out the "welfare state" and legalizing most drugs. Tim Pool, love him or hate him, recently had a guest on that confirmed that since legalization of pot in many states, cartels have taken to growing avocados amongst their various illegal enterprises. Something our government can tax and control. I'm also up for legalization of prostitution. If a man or woman engages in consensual behavior, who the hell cares that they're paying for it? Wife mad hubby buys hookers? Divorce the cheating ahole. Husband mad wife got a gigalo? Divorce the cheating ahole.

    However, immigration is where I differ. We are a nation of laws. The fact that thousands of law abiding immigrants are willing to pay and sacrifice to get here the right way, tells me we're doing something right. Just letting the illegals that are already here stay is an affront to every immigrant who did it right. It also sends the message that we'll let in more, even if we say otherwise. Reagan fell for the amnesty ploy on the condition that illegal immigration would be fought afterward. See where that got us? Not to mention the fact that many of them could be, and are, criminals. Also, especially recently, they've been allowed in in increasingly large numbers and have little incentive to integrate into "American culture." Instead, they maintain their own culture and demand that we integrate with that. No, sir, I cannot agree with you there. I love my (legal) immigrant brothers and sisters too much to see their effort thrown in their faces like that.

  11. I think people on the right fear immigration because immigrants don’t really go for republicans unless they’ve come from a communist country. Right wingers love immigration… when it’s Cuban people or Russians or North Koreans that defected. They just assume people from anywhere else will come here and vote democrat.

  12. You’re right- the demographic argument is lame. However- can we acknowledge that countries like the United Kingdom and Western Europe on the whole bring better cultures of people than a country like Haiti or Mexico. Let’s not even think about the color of their skin, but focus on their culture. Especially when it comes to middle eastern refugees. If hordes and hordes of people flee into our country and we don’t have time to assimilate them- they’re bringing their own cultures to the United States instead of assimilating into America. Thoughts?

  13. Thanks for answering my request! This is an excellent video. Highly informative and entertaining. And to be perfectly honest, I've always deep down thought that considering immigration that is "illegal" was a weak premise. As an ex-maga, you have helped open my eyes!

  14. Your pro-immigration arguments are naive and suicidal.
    If you still think capitalism, the Constitution or the American way of life in general will still survive in a non-European country, you're either delusional or lying to yourself.
    Just look at the demographics of one of the most major threats to our way of life, "The Squad".
    Demographics are destiny.

  15. very sympathetic to the idea that many immigrants are more American than some of our countrymen. but I'm not sure about the tendency of immigrants to adequately assimilate.

    have you done a video on English as official language? always seemed insane to me that people would come to the USA only to rely on translators to follow day-to-day politics or (more substantially) to read our founding documents. cannot imagine Germans, Koreans, etc tolerating anyone aspiring to be their fellow citizen while being illiterate in their native language. why the double standard for America?

  16. The idiotic arguement that Americans won't do certain jobs are BS. If you go to places that don't have tons of illegals whites and blacks will even pick fruit and vegetables. Not every American is capable of high skilled labor. But they are all subjected to American tax and labor laws where as illegals don't come with that same burden for the employer.

  17. Those people standing outside of Home Depot are illegal immigrants and they are taking construction jobs from citizen workers who have to pay taxes and insurance and are above the table on the books

  18. I used to work a highway construction project in Texas. There were a bunch of bridges on site and every bridge had panhandlers at it. But you know what I never saw? A Mexican with his hand out. They were all either working on the construction site or hanging out at Home Depot trying to earn their way.

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