'So far, so good': Toronto Police chief on cannabis legalization

Toronto Police chief Mark Saunders joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss how the rollout of legal recreational cannabis has been going in the city so far. Subscribe to …


  1. Mark Saunders would be the first person to arrest Rosa Parks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Non violent people protesting and standing up for civil rights getting arrested for something that is now "legal" All while providing a service to medical people in need! SHAME ON YOU!!!  Many people in Ontario do NOT have the internet and even more do NOT have a credit card!!! I ask you Toronto police…how do the marginalized and poor people order from the OCS??? You call these dispensaries the "Black Market" …it is called the Free Market, where customers will define the pricing not the government.  Mark Saunders…you raiding the Free Market dispensaries is only sending people to the real Black Market street dealers all over again. Stop wasting our money on raiding dispensaries and put it to stopping gun crime!

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