1. Hey can we let 60 year old finally retire, they are old enough to re-tell us when rock-n-roll was considered controversial! As a young person I’m tired of having to take up multiple shift because of people in their 60’s+ unable to come in because of a bad hip, or not being able to carry anything past 120ib in a job where caring heavy objects is a must. It’s not their fault, people 60+ worked their whole life, most of them only have 20 years left, let them enjoy their last decades, not their last year’s, I said decade, y’all deserve it, and I thank you for working, now let us youngies take up the mantle, and y’all get on and enjoy what you worked for, that’s my opinion.

  2. i respect no politician who doesn't name names of the enemies even if they are part of the same party (ostensibly). Jayapal is on tat list. Mention who your enemy is and what they are doing

  3. Hard Len if the democrat party was honest Right now we have M4A 15 dollar a hour wage nationwide Paid sick time Student loan forgiveness Medical debt relief That the real built back better cares act But the neo libs lied over and over again and again The Democrats need to be kicked out of power now We need honest non selfish honest progessives agenda that helps all of the working poor

  4. Kit, you are exactly correct! When the Dems compromise, they will always lose. I could see Trump running, again. This time he will win based on what the Biden Administration has done ( which was nothing) and the fact the DNC will select weak candidates for the Presidency.

  5. Fascinating to see the dems try to hold onto to their progressives, if that is what is happening. the proposals are actually quite mild comparatively. Historically, we have lived in a bubble but social media, education, immigration, climate change – and other demographic changes are forcing us to learn more about policies in other countries. I dunno how much longer congress can go on making us think this stuff is 'too much.'

  6. Too bad Yang didn't say "For the same reason I have not yet confronted you for working for a network that lied about WMDs and spent the last few years spouting xenophobic nonsense about a nuclear superpower. Cucker Tarlson is no more loathsome than the war profiteers and propagandists on this theft of the taxpayer's bandwidth."

  7. Bernie Sanders still fights for us. I am pretty sure he chooses his battles and must make deals at times. Destroying our allies with lies is no good, but keeping their feet to the fire and reminding them of what is on the line is important and productive. For the corporate neolibs it's fine to tell them off. They are members of the single party with the Republicans, they just pretend to have different views but never vote that way.

  8. We need a third party in this country & we, the people must go on a General Strike. That's the only way these neoliberal corporate dems will stop taking us for granted. I will never vote nor support any neoliberal corporate democrat, which is all of them.

  9. Manchin wants to "shrink the bill" (shrink the usefulness of the bill, steal the fucking money. He is a slime ball and only removal will do for him. Sinema is really about the same as Manchin. It really doesn't matter what else they want to take away. Their ideas will make our government unfit perhaps to even survive. They need to change or go.

  10. Frankly your a fool if you don't reach out and spread your "ideas" to a wide audience as possible.

    Tucker Carson, to his credit, offers a platform and airtime to many REAL progressives, indeed in some areas he is in agreement with many progressive issues, like Julian Assange, the "deep state", freedom of the press and anti censorship, and he is against wars of empire and the restriction of personal freedoms. These are progressive values that we share with Tucker, and there are others as well, all this AND he gives us a platform for our voices… does CNN offer such airtime? Does "Mad Cow" give us a platform or does she just continue on with her anti Trump diatribes?

    Ask Jimmy Dore about Tucker. Jimmy will tell you that Tucker just invites you on and you say whatever is on your mind, and he is polite and respectful when doing so. Is a psycho like Mad Cow offering real progressives the same deal? I don't think so.

    I am a die hard progressive liberal / libertarian. I was a registered Democrat for 40 years before I abandoned the party in 2016 and became a registered Green, so I guess I know the score by now.

    When I stand in line to shake Jimmy Dores hand at his show in Buffalo I plan to ask him about his reaching out and attempting to influence minds beyond our own little group of nonpartisan progressives. I applaud those who enter the lions den to convert the heathen and perhaps someday with their aid we will rise up and destroy the oligarchs and the duopoly and restore the republic.

    Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and perhaps a future ally.

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