1. Fun fact: A Watch Dog CAN tell the time (at least sometimes). It's a common term in programming, mostly for time-critical systems. You have a timer, called a watch-dog timer, which runs independent of your application code. Your application code is supposed to refresh the watch-dog timer periodically as it runs. If the watch-dog isn't reset (often called "kicked") within a certain amount of time, it's a signal that an error has occured and the watch-dog might reboot the system or handle the fault in some other way.

  2. I have an absolute c*** of a rooster near me that starts as early as 3.30 am in the summer time. I'm quite far away from the bastard too so I cannot imagine how the people living closer deal with it.

  3. All the audio clips in the ambiguous set sounded low-high to me. Maybe the effect is heard only in the studio live, because it wasn't like that by the time it came out of my computer monitor speakers.

  4. Well, excuse me but: “A bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat and it will save you from most poisons.“
    Someone didn’t pay attention in their first potions lesson! 🧪🪄

    Thank you for the prompt uploads! Greetings from Germany

  5. You think a food taster ever got killed because they went through all the trouble to taste someone's food and okayed it, only for them to suddenly break out in hives and then suffocate because of allergies?

  6. That pitch progression was interesting cause I played it back again to remember what I thought it sounded like, and my answer totally changed. Fascinating.

  7. I've always wondered if we didn't screw something up in translation and you were meant to take the bezoar BEFORE the poison. Taking one seems like a REALLY good way to immediately HAVE one and the symptoms of having one are basically you can't eat much at all, you always feel full, and if you eat more than a few bites you'll sick up.

    I'm no doctor, but "that dude" sounds WAY harder to poison than a glutton.

  8. Our Roosters start crowing at 5 or 5:30 every morning. They sound like they have been smoking heavily for 40 years. it's hilarious. Then the little F*****'s crow all day long. In the evening they have a crowing contest around 7 pm. Drives us crazy..lol

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