Psychedelic mushrooms: Denver panel to release report, push for further decriminalization

After nearly two years of studying psylocibin mushroom’s impact on Denver’s public health and safety, the City of Denver’s Psylocibin Mushroom Review Panel is …


  1. Make sure you are testing the water, if the DEA finds out that people are growing shrooms, even if it's legal, they will poison the water supply of the whole county. They call it fungicide but it's poison, it kills people too. Same with cannabis and herbicide. You as Americans need to grow up and accept the reality of the situation. If you give special needs people like that jobs as agents of anything, they'll abuse their power and piss on everything.

  2. No evidence of public risk? You're not even allowed to DUI so why the f*** they think magic shrooms are okay??? Holy shit CO has bad enough drivers, we don't need our roads to turn into deadly bumper car tracks

  3. well thanks to magic mushrooms we've had some of the greatest books written (like the bible and Alice in Wonderland) and most of music from the 1960s thru the 1990s ..

  4. That's just f**** great I haven't seen anybody that does suck idelic mushrooms too motivated to be a functioning part of society

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