Prepare for Week 6 vs. Washington Football Team | Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider

Get ready for Week 6 matchup against the Washington Football Team with this edition of Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider #KCvsWAS Subscribe for more videos!


  1. Aaaand another 1st half of completely HORRIBLE football. Team wide! Coaches too! I hate seeing it and saying this, but someone has to be accountable. Spags? A player(s) benching? Something has to change. Not now! Last week! This is disgusting

  2. It is hard to build a defense when we sign people who are aging and even some who already have had a β€œsecond chance”. We seem to be panicking and sign almost anyone who is free. We also spend valuable

  3. Chief- 😑"Plain and simple as this" "D-LINE 😑"AGRESSIVE PRESSURE," "AGRESSIVE PRESSURE," AGRESSIVE PRESSURE," "AGRESSIVE PRESSURE," AGRESSIVE PRESSURE" bc that's exactly what Chief opponents are doing and they're doin' it on "FULL THROTTLE" level w/no mercy. All of Chiefs opponents are out to destroy team Chief period😠

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  5. their defense going to get shredded by Antonio Gibson !!!! Chiefs defense PURE garbage !!!!!! πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€

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