1. He know I got that gushy for his azz that’s why he sprung and obsessed cuz don’t no other bish put him to work like I do. It’s giving sexual vibes all day babyyyy.

  2. I was just at my Venus reading which was Aries! I’m a Pisces sun and he is a Libra sun Scorpio in Venus! Again so many synchronicity‘s..You said tight Puss in the other one so you know it’s facts! And the wet, when we first started having sex 12 years ago are used to call me “wett wett”. Are used to be an inspiring model from the time I was in fifth grade till I was like 23! He’s insecure and narcissist so he stopped telling me all of those compliments years ago. We got into it last week and I haven’t talk to him since Wednesday. I know he has somebody inside of his apartment last week..LOL😂😂😂. I went 👻 on that ass though! Yes pretty eyes

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