Nightly News Full Broadcast – October 10th

Covid death rate dropping, Southwest Airlines cancels thousands of flights, and deadly mass shooting at St. Paul, Minnesota bar. » Subscribe to NBC News: …


  1. The US and its allies carried out military maneuvers in Asia pacific. Tsai continues provoking China. If the war breaks out, Taiwan will be the battlefield. Taiwanese will bear the cost of lives.

  2. But America can't pay the loans and hitting the debt ceiling.. How can we possibly keep sending tax payers money to help other Countries and WON'T HELP OUR OWN? AMERIKKKANS STOP LISTENING TO THESE SLAVE MASTERS & PUPPETS.. THEY'RE LEADING US IN A DIRECTION WE WILL SOON REGRET… WAKE UP PEOPLE! IT'S TIME TO COME TOGETHER… MAY GOD BLESS EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU THAT READING MY COMMENT..

  3. Hey how is that defunding of Police working out for you – but good news is your meeting your Covid mandates, on the other side what do you expect when go from enegery independence to making Putin rich and asking for OPEC to produce more? You think the $1.20 more a gallon of gas and $20 -$30 more per week for food is bad wait until next year and the Gas lines!

  4. Covid|9 has the structure of HIV whereby vaccine try to deceive your immunity system to {create T-Cell perish together with the virus just like overclocking immunity system temporarily but unable to deceive the new C19 variant.
    Covid-vaccine is a obstruction of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like Morphine-Sulfate

  5. I made it a point to watch liberal news media outlets everyday for a year. What a disgrace. State of the art Propaganda. Those that call this "news", you are a major part of the problem if not THE problem. I know, you're all blind to all having been pampered within your self-built echo chambers. All of the hate following this comment is proof!

  6. let me say this my g/f and her mom are both fully vaccinated and both just tested positive for covid. the vaccine is a scam…. point blank. the government needs to point out the fact that if you have type “O” blood you are naturally immune… you can't get it… I have type “O” blood have been in close contact with 3 ppl now that have been infected and I came out unscathed… it is only serious for those with health issues already. those are the ones getting hospitalized not health ppl that get it. smh but hey if you believe this pile of crap this fake news station is saying then be a sheep…

  7. How many unarmed black men compared to Latinos are getting shot and are being killed remember Trayvon Martin??? But that's alright because the same thing that has happened to us is going to happen to you all of you now you pray to your God marry to save you all from the Wrath to come

  8. Once again #45 is repeating the same pattern as he did while in office: don't keep records or notes out for others to see, avoid
    people that write or journal, put all official material on servers no one can access, and deny any legal notices to present oneself or information. Yet he boost about being up front, a patriot American and above wrong doing. I'm going to try this when I'm given a traffic ticket (a subpoena to pay or come to court and plead your case). Traffic tickets, utility bills, eviction notices are all "subpoenas": legal notices that you and I understand fully. For the education and smarts he brags about he is just as stupid as a sling of snot.

  9. HERE'S THE SOLUTION FOR CAPITOL HILL.  Any elected official who can not say the words Biden Won The Presidency is not working for or supporting the established UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and therefore is not allowed to cast ANY votes on any legislation until they acknowledge they are an elected official in office to serve the United States and the elected president (as they did in 2016).  Democrats should draft this measure and continue to present bills with only those officials who possess this verbal acknowledgement.  They get paid by the government run by Joseph R. Biden.  What underling in any other organization could get away with this kind of BS?

  10. I hate to say this but Southwest airlines is lying. If it was weather and air traffic control there’s one thing you would’ve noticed every other airline would’ve been canceling flights as well. It’s not like weather just affect Southwest airlines it’s not like air traffic control just affects Southwest airlines know they affect the entire United States and when other airlines don’t cancel flights but you do it is something going on at your company.

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