1. I sent this video to a friend of mine who has invested in Namaste and he said that what you said is nothing new since he has learned much about the company from me and my DD. LOL. So many good things happening at Namaste. The pieces to the Namaste puzzle are coming together to form a solid company that will grow exponentially.

  2. Hey Rich, I am in your camp! Been buying lots on the dips. Most call me a pumper so I now keep my mouth close. Definitely will be much higher by next quarter. Made lots of money on PHOT! Got lucky as shit! Sold for a huge profit. Will buy more Namaste tomorrow with my profits from PHOT. Good luck. "We will be your everything cannabis store."

  3. Gezzz Rich Excellent video my friend. Namaste currently has been disappointing to most share holders, but long term, I’m seeing a company that’s going to be huge, with some of the lowest if not the lowest amount of liabilities in the MJ industry. A technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence geared towards the MJ sector. Namaste will never be as big as Amazon but Amazon should be a testament for what Namaste can achieve in the future, which is,,, a very BIG piece of the MJ sector PIE.

  4. Not trying to be a debbie downer (I have a position), but what's to stop any other competitor from doing the same thing? Genuine question. Copycats will happen right?

  5. If usa legalizes within the next few weeks, say by jan 1, canopy rivers will acquire terrascend. Just that alone will push rivers EBITDA projections well above their own forecasts, because they forecasted their 2020 attributable ebitda under the impression terrascend would carry no dividend. 4.25 price target range riv.tsx

  6. Back in to cannabis after a while and namaste was my pick to get back in loaded up at .365 big!! I think we have 60-70 percent up side in the next few weeks, especially if big guys keep moving paired with some kind of positive NR.

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