1. They also are not talking about the NBA player who played for the Atlanta Hawks who took the jungle juice jab and ended up with blood clots and his back and now he might not be able to play basketball ever again. that's buried and not even mentioned.

  2. As a fan of the NBA it’s disappointing to see the stance of the league and the majority of the players capitulating to their demands. Last year it was “Black Lives Matters” this year it’s “be a good slave, role up your sleeve and take the jab” It’s truly sad times we are living in. I hope Kyrie sticks to his principles and doesn’t fold like Andrew Wiggins.

    It’s very unsettling watching these games knowing that over 90% of the players have the experimental juice in their bodies.😞

  3. My brother I keep hearing you from time to time mention that you dont believe in flat earth. Now the term in itself is not what should be used however, the Scripture is clear beginning in Genesis 1 and dozens of other passages. You label yourself a geek so it’s surprising that you would espouse and teach anything other than what is in the Word. The Earth is not a globe. It does not revolve around the sun. There is water above. It is clear. We are in an enclosed environment. You are either just ignorant of what YaHuah’s creation is or its on purpose.

  4. Steven A Smith is a blow hard pundit. Guess what the A stands for_______________fill in the blank! He’s a moron! I like Kyrie, big fan of his! They don’t want to pay these people $15/hour either!

  5. All praise To The Most High, Their getting ready to use N.Y. as a crash dummy for harmless gas in the air…This will send most people out of their mind when they send the real bio christmas tree…..The Most High allowed us to be free of this perfume until the state of New York takes us to the 2nd circus court….Salute to New York State we stood strong on The Most High in the medical field for exemption Of belief towards The Most High…All praise….

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