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  1. It's not hard to accept that I need help with my Mental and Emotional Health
    It's hard to get help
    The Health Service seem like they don't understand or care
    The Mental Health Questionnaires should have open ended questions
    Why don't they ask if you have thoughts of harming other People?

  2. Troll here. If I could be pedantic, I wouldn't categorize those two as trolls – unless that story was amazing and it was the author ironically criticizing their own work, which would be amusing tbh. Trolling would be pretending to be that voice artist person and offering you a big role just to trick you into, I don't know, saying something silly (I just thought of this, so it's stupid).
    The second just sounds like a lost soul, hate to use the word "triggered" but the god stuff causes spontaneous outrage sometimes. You're not even "obnoxious" about it, commenter acting like you're doing an AA thing where they have to swear fealty to a higher power. I've seen people rage because the hosts said something like "thank God!" causing them to debate evolution in the chat. I suppose it comes with the territory. There is a fair amount of crossover in terms of content with places like Reddit, which are obviously intellectual strongholds of logic and atheism. I like the idea of "dumb comments" though. While I enjoy hearing how you've helped so many people, I also enjoy a chuckle at some of the more bizarre or unhinged comments on these vids, particularly on youtube, the wild west of dumb opinions.

  3. Number 2! Ohh my favorite! Halloween is almost here y'all! Darren's witch impression is perfect for the season! If anyone has gone to visit Salem Ma? Please put it on y'all's bucket list. I went over the summer. Gotta go again! Far out! So much cool stuff.

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