How the ‘Couric Effect’ — 20 years later — inspired Sen. Klobuchar to share her cancer story

Twenty-one years ago, Katie Couric aired her first colonoscopy on the ‘Today Show.’ It was an up-close and personal experience that helped demystify a …


  1. Part of early detection is healthcare. Medicare for all is the answer it removes that cost deterrent so people get tested sooner. Hopefully Klobuchar has changed her stance on that.

  2. I've been a fan of yours since as long as I can remember. But the buck stops here. YOU wish dear. Denzel is OUR man and you can go kick rocks. I hope your rating go down to the ground. Some nerve. Bye bye boo, good luck on your career. WE are sticking together on this one.

  3. I think she is a real trooper, voted for her, happy she’s well! I had 3 bad Pap smears then found out I had HPV which was a real shock, me, HPV? Yes, it attacks you! Had a total hysterectomy, got the results back and I narrowly escaped cervical cancer, it had started. Don’t fool around, get tested for HPV, it will silently kill you!

  4. It's absolutely crucial to go to the doctor and let THEM decide if it's nothing …or is. Don't play doctor. The difference between life or death. Better to hear from them "It's nothing," or that it is, and have a fighting chance. Ok, aside from this, this is supposed to be about cancer, yet turned into a political sermon, so I checked out before the end. Boo!

  5. I'm so happy both of you are still here with us. 💓 I'm so grateful for what you both give to our community. Amy please tell Dems to go on a campaign. Stop talking about cost and tell us what's in the Big Bill. Those numbers, trillions, mean nothing, absolutely nothing to voters. 🦉 Dumb rules need to go. It's not working. Congress needs to get rid of everything that keeps government from governing. Solutions are what we need.

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