How The Cannabis Industry Excludes Women of Color | NowThis

The Cannaclusive collective is on a mission to make the cannabis industry more inclusive for women and people of color » Subscribe to NowThis: …


  1. Why is there such an abundance of support for black women of color when they aren’t the ones going to jail for it… men are….? Where are all the Black Men in an industry that affects black men more than women? I never seen a black woman pulled over for smoking weed but black men…..I don’t enough fingers and toes to count. Smh.

  2. Trust me, the laws in this country discriminate but cancer does not. Keep fighting the good fight, so my friends in illegal states can get the meds they need. God bless you.

  3. This is important because people think you can just sit back and enjoy weed but not everyone is benefiting off of that. The message is that everyone can be a weed advocate…

    So many closed minded people in the comments. Why watch the video if you aren’t gonna understand what they’re saying?

  4. Goodness we the people think we have all the power. Instead of using that power against our governments corruption. We are using it on each other in this mass witch hunt.

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