Ariana & Evans Skin Essentials Bhang, Turn N Shave Brush, & Jenes Straight Razor

In this video I use a new soap base and enjoy a new scent from Ariana & Evans! Thanks Jack (The Virtual Groomroom) for letting me borrow this soap!


  1. DK DAYUUUMMM FINE SHAVE! Enjoyed this one. I also learned something about you pouring half the bottle of beer and giving the bottle a few swirls. Love me some A&E! Love that container. It is definitely not a jankyazz tin! 😜Have a great week my brother!

  2. Great shave DK!! Looks like another great product from A&E, and the scent sounds up my alley too! Sounds like a fun hunting trip, I really miss hunting, used to have a ton of fun. Here’s to a great day my brother!

  3. Hey Brutha, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The notes are basically identical to Bhang Thandai and yes, I used only resins, absolutes and essential oils in creating the scent. I’m working on updating the base to increase the density slightly. Take care and thanks again

  4. Nice shave, DK! And great tip on confident strokes with a straight. The Jenes (and Raidostar) always look fantastic. Oh, and I don't know you had any influence on it, but looked like TRC has picked up Lisa's, very cool! Have a great week!

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