2021 Hot Pepper Garden Tour Part 2 (Walking the Pepper Path)

A tour of some of hot pepper varieties growing in pots in our 2021 front yard hot pepper garden in Minneapolis, MN. This is Part 2. 2021 Hot Pepper Garden Tour …


  1. Thank you Rob for the warming garden tour. Very nice and productive plants arranged as only you may. Marigolds here are also very large this season, almost to the point of being able to call them huge! Talk softly of that concept of frost please as here I am trying to stretch the season lol. Just about mid morning now and the temperature has slid to 34 degrees with a wind chill of 22. This could be your near term future as the storm rides up and over to your way. Stay Warm and Happy Gardening! -Bob…

  2. Hi Rob, greetings from Bilbao, Spain. I'm having a great season so far, it's my first time growing almost as many varieties as you did. I love your videos, you're a great inspiration for me and my very small YouTube channel! Btw. I think TFM SB stands for Trenton's farmer market scotch bonnet, for a pheno detected on that market.

  3. Such a nice collection! My new pepper to grow this year was Apocalypse Scorpion. Hot like scorpion but has a weirdly fruity taste to it too. Other favorites are chocolate habanero, 7 pot bubble gum, 7 pot lava, and firecracker.

  4. Great video to wrap up your collection! Thanks for the shout out on the pineapple rocotto! I’ll be doing one more video this season on my grow. Still holding out hope for the Ecuadorian Red Pepper for hell! Tons of pods. No ripe pods yet, however!

  5. Thanks for another awesome tour around your awesome looking pepper path! That first Dragon's Breath Stinger sure had some gnarly looking pods. The Stroberry and the 7 jpn light sure have some pretty foliage 😍The ripe Reaper x Moruga looks like a big strawberry 🍓 That caramel/rust red colour on the Moruga Scorpion Caramel is indeed very pretty. One of my two StarrScream turned out chocolate. I thought those pods were tastier than the red version.

  6. Very Nice! i have so much 7pot Brainstrain Yellow on my plant,i think around 25 ripe fruits :3 and a lot of Aji Colorado! Greetings from Germany.

  7. Loved the walk, very inspiring. Just bought a growtent for that head start to the season we have in UK still alot of green chillies and running out of time.Yours look fantastic 🌶️👍

  8. Hi Rob, great vid ! Question.. I had a huge aphid problem this year. I’m in Alberta Canada. Every plant got hit. The Aphids hit the leaves first and then decided to hang out on un blossomed flowers. Is this due to of soil, soil additives ? Do you ever get them where you are and how did you deal with them ? Cheers !

  9. I bought a BTR scorpion from Rob earlier this year thinking BTR was short for Butcher or Butcher T Scorpion. No idea it was crossed with a Reaper. I was convinced I just had a much hotter than normal scorpion but yeah yeah, this explains it. I like cooking with scorpion peppers and I'm not a super hot food guy but I do like it hotter than most. So I am sampling my cooking and I'm like "Holy F@&K that is hotter than I expected" and then I still had to eat it! Good times!

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