1. Pile 3: don’t want anything to do with that person they are experiencing karma for messing with a divine Feminine. They need to grow up and gets job.

  2. Pile 2!!! Thats my fucking property law teacher that I just came from his class. Wtf is going onnnn lol I know I kinda have an impact on him but wow. Ofc there wont be anything between us but It would be okay to hit on him if he was just my friend lol and yes Im kind of a wild soul. Not that serious.

  3. I read your "About Me" and really enjoyed feeling such a close connection. I have also lost absolutely everything and know that everything is exactly as it should be. I don't know what to expect next, but I know that I am being divinely guided. Anyway, I wish you the very best and I am so happy that you are using your gifts they way you were intended to.

  4. Pile 3 is my ex fiancé he did ghost me and I told him I'm choosing myself. He is cancer with pisces in his charts. I did save his life and was in over his head over many things between a controlling mother etc he is native american lineage so it matches up to your marriage reading. Idk how I feel anymore and he is into IT and has multiple degrees with computers

  5. I do not date men with tattoos. He got these when he got with my niece. She convinced him yo get a tattoo so I would never take him back. She knew he didn't love her…not really…it was only codependent. Disgusting. He is a fake preacher now. I've never been a hater but these 2 ppl I hate because what they did to me, they thought it was funny. They made fun of me…cut me down, talked bad about me…put me on a smear campaign…involved my mom. I've ended it with all 3. I'm done! Some things you don't come back to. Some things are unforgiveable…thats God's job, not mine.

  6. All 3 of these guys are the same. He married my niece. And I have so much animosity towards him. No I will never take him back. I am independent and he cannot stand this. He's overbearing and thinks that he has a right to tell me what to think. How to act, etc. Sick of him…he and my niece had the kinkiest nastiest disgusting sex life. I can't stand either one of them. Both are bisexual and so is she, with threesomes…no…no…no…hes thinking right! I will see someone if I meet someone.

  7. No even if he comes back…i will not take him back…he slept with my niece to spite me and so that is unforgivable and will not do this. No. 1 that's taboo and that spiteful controlling b's is bs!

  8. Pile 1he an ex for reason I can do better than him enjoying my single life into my future spouse come into my life and he definitely not my person I haven't met my one yet he coming soon

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