1. Cannabis culture closing 3 stores in B.C. and that is just so wrong. Whoever thought Government could do this better? 'Free Market' as I call it is thriving under this Prohibition 201. Better product, better prices, different products and edibles!!…hands down the better choice. I will never smoke Corporate Weed.

  2. This story sounds like Big business got together with big politics and cut a deal. They did the same thing when alcohol became legal. You could buy booze from the big companies but you cannot use a still to make it in your own backyard. You get caught making moonshine and they'll lock you up like a werewolf. lol Once the companies take over the pot industry, they'll mass produce it and sell it with their own labels on it. But there will still be "moonshiners" making their own home blend. The big fish cut out the little fish by making it expensive to grow and sell a plant that grows wild all over the world. It makes sense for the big boys and girls but it's retarded for the start ups and that is how they win the game.

    Mrs. Emery will probably find out that they are going to stick to their own little video game and it's rules no matter what anyone says unless some real leaders with a fairer take on it all get's elected in the top spot and in the parliament. Maybe if that happens Canadians will smoke pot that comes in a container with the union label on it. Power to the people and thanks for this great report.

  3. It seems to me that the best system would be:

    1. Anyone can open a cannabis store.
    2. They can sell whatever cannabis products they like in the store, no matter where they came from or who produced them.
    3. All cannabis products sold in that store are subject to random testing for mould, pesticides, and any other kind of contamination that might exist.
    4. All cannabis products sold in that store are subject to random testing for potency to ensure that the products are not being mis-labelled.

    How far away is the current system from this?

  4. Some still don't understand the difference between legalization and regulations. Today dispensaries CANNOT become the outlets of the black market. Maybe, and if, in 100 years when the underground market of weed will be gone, and it will be sold like bread in supermarkets. Canada still controls alcohol even after 100 years end of prohibition not for fighting underground market but cashing in tax sales. So lets redo this interview in 50 years. In meantime as she says at the end the Emery family will start to fight another cause, as obviously she has been sick for taking bad quality illegal weed.

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