Treasury will default on USA Debt! Fed Beige-Book Reports. Evergrande bank SIEGE! AMC GME Simulator

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  1. So if they have to close these zombie stocks to realize gains for liquidity but since they maybe had to sell the float over 20 or who knows how many times even though they are close positions at a low cost they still have to buy the float 15 times over to close and that makes the stock prices jump??

  2. Also mrblunts you said everyone that owns blue chip stocks and bonds will loose there money. But you said stocks that move inverse to the market will rise. Can you explain to me how I can find these stocks if there is a way to find them. Or if there just apart of an etf please enlighten me! I would really appreciate it brother

  3. I’m invested balls deep in amc man 18k. I hear older guy say man if I did this 20 years ago I would’ve been rich a lot when I talk to guys at work. So when I found out about amc I saw it as my once in a life time opportunity to be rich. But I was talking to someone and they were giving me negative vibes on this whole situation like he was saying do you really think the fed will let this happen they will squash it. I told him if they do politicians won’t become rich after leaving office anymore if so bc a hella lot of ppl will quit the stock market. Is there anything else I’m missing blunts bc my positivity is kinda lacking now

  4. Bro I look forward to all your videos but please don’t do this with the music cuz it’s seriously nerve wrecking and will cause me not to watch cuz it’s way too distracting, not like u care but please dont🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. Yo Rodrigo y gabriella. Your soundtrack plus your dd plus mukbang of your blunt inhale gives me catalyst to stay and rock my genky ass bowflex. Dude you rock man. Your 4 wee ones have an absolute boss leader in their lives. Wind at our backs and sun in our faces.

  6. You have the coolest videos. I love how you show us where to find information. I learn so much every time I watch you. If I ever get rich off my 500 shares. I owe it all to you and your amazing videos. Thanks Boss.

  7. Glizzy w/mustard – there was no “low key racism” in the chat, I scrolled from when you mentioned it and the only thing I saw was a comment about Chinese construction not being durable – relaxxxxx bro

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