SLUMBER PARTY GONE WRONG?! l The Case of Tamla Horsford.

The case of Tamla Horsford. What do you guys think? stay safe & stay tuned . CONNECT WITH ME ; EMAIL ; INSTAGRAM ; @h.chrissyy …


  1. I feel that when Tamla went outside someone was outside with her there's no way she could just have random cuts and brusies all over her body and its real suspicious the cameras was off It had to be Madeline, Jóse or John or maybe all three they knew when she was outside on the balcony but no cameras were on and Madeline asked for Jóse and Tamla never knew him I say maybe it could've had something to do with racism but this is messed up how the police didnt look into as they should've.

  2. I think they did some to her and the man resign cause he knew that might came up it's sad I think they ruled her case as a accident cause she was black if it was us and they was white we would have got 2 life sentences

  3. This was crazy all it took was for one black woman to die at a party and then they write it off as an accidental fall or some BS it stresses me out bc they jus don't care when it come to us and thas not ok but ppl will reap what they so 💪💯

  4. Exactly!! You can tell in the 911 call there is no worry, concern, or hurt in their voice. And she continued to mention she was drinking to have that be instilled in your head. Then stumbled and was about to say what happened as if they already knew but then stopped and said “i guess she fell” smh. Then gave the phone to her boyfriend like “here your turn”. Everything that they should have done to properly investigate did not happen with no explanation.
    Questions that we are asking ourselves didn’t cross professionally trained law enforcements’ mind? Strange.
    that’s how you know this was not accidental, basic evidence and procedures were Ignored!!!
    And pleaseee don’t get me started on Jose. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCESS FILES AFTER THE FACT JOSE? It’s screaming guilty BUT it was accidental right. Still Praying for her family’s strength & peace 😔

  5. From jump this story was very suspicious to me. And of course it stood out that she was the only black person there. Such a sad situation for her family and children. Praying they receive the truth and justice 🙏🏾💕!!!

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